Saturday, November 29, 2008

Update on House in Sioux Center

Well we got most of all of the cracks in the ceilings and walls patched and got them all painted. Then we got our new carpet and new kitchen floor. We think it looks really nice. I will try to post some pictures, but the pictures I took aren't very good.
We put plastic over most of our windows in hopes of insulating them while we're gone for the winter. And we found someone to watch the house from time to time and they'll contact us if anything disasterous happens.

Then we said good-bye to our family and friends in the area and then we took off for the winter.

We visited Mitzi and Al in Omaha and took them all out for a pre Thanksgiving dinner. That is always fun. Sorry we missed Aly, Andy, Logan, Joe, and Geneva.

We drove to Des Moines and visited with Bob's daugher, Cari, and said good-bye to her too.

Then we drove to Sandusky, OH and had a pre Thanksgiving dinner with Bob's Aunt Ruth and his cousin, Linda. We had a very nice visit


From there we drove to Burgaw, NC to visit with Uncle Scott and Aunt Hadie. We had a great time talking about history of many aspects of our country and lives. They were great hosts and we even got to help celebrate their 33rd wedding anniversary. I'll try to post pictures of that celebration also.

Uncle Scott, Aunt Hadie, Bob, and Lucy having dinner and anniversary celebration at the Red Robin.

We are very thankful for all our family and friends. You are what make our lives so much richer than it could be otherwise.