Sunday, June 15, 2014

Library Events at Palm Coast, FL

The Palm Coast Library hosts some really nice programs and one of our favorites is the Valentine Day program featuring singer, Linda Cole, a distant relative of Nat King Cole.  

Another event we attended was a guest guitarist.  He was very good.

Another reason we enjoy the library programs is because they serve very nice treats.  I guess I've never taken a picture of their table with all their delicious goodies.  Maybe next year I can remember to do that instead of focusing on eating them.  Mmmm good.

Chris and Mabel Visit Us in Ormond Beach, FL

My good friend, Chris, and her sister, Mabel, who winter at Jekyll Island, GA, came to visit us in Ormond Beach.  Since they enjoy the Daytona  Beach Flea Market we made that a priority.  

Then we drove up the coastal road toward St. Augustine and did some sight seeing.  

These a re pictures of some of the beach area on the way towards St. Augustine.  These beaches are famous for the coquina rock which is a rock made from pressed shells.  It is used for building building materials.  This is an especially nice park which showcases the area.  It has a really nice boardwalk also.

Then we visited the Fort Matanzas National Monument which is on the same coastal highway, A1A.  You take a boat out to the fort and a guide gives the tour.  It is a very interesting place to go and you get a free boat ride on the intercoastal waterway.

Notice Chris's hat, a gift from me from the Daytona Flea Market.

This is a swan necklace that Chris got me at the Flea Market.  I wasn't going to get it so she decided to buy it for me since is is really so beautiful.  Thank you, Chris.