Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mc Donalds and Magic

The first night we visited Waterloo, after having gone to mini golf and riding go carts, we stopped for ice cream at McDonalds, and Reagan and Drew had fun posing with Ronald McDonald.

Then when we got home Grandpa Bob did some magic. Grandpa Bob got a magic kit for Reagan and Drew so they learned some magic tricks too.

Chucky Cheese

Our last night in Waterloo we took the kids to Chucky Cheese. I think Grandpa Bob likes this place as much as or more than the kids.

Here's Reagan trying to make points. She got up to 250,000 points this time, but had gotten up to 260,000 points last time.

Grandpa giving advice. Reagan trying her skill at another game.

Look at all the tickets she's winning.

Notice the number of tickets, and that wasn't all of them either.

Trying her hand at another game.

Drew trying his skill with the bowling game. Of course Grandpa is there to give advice and to encourage.

Reagan in the cage.
More advice from Grandpa.

Just having fun.
Counting and collecting the rest of the tickets.

Notice the number which is the other number to total to see how many tickets they won.
343 + 266 = 609

The Prizes. Don't they look cute?

Let's Play Ball

We were lucky enough to be able to go to Reagan's first ball game. She did a great job!!! She's a natural. See her sunshiny smile?

Playing second base.

Waiting to be up to bat.

She got a hit each time she was up to bat.

Made it to first base.

Later she came home for a run for her team.

This was the same day that Drew started his ball practices. He looks like he's ready to go.

Some skill practice.

Getting ready for ground balls.

This is how to hold the bat.

Getting ready to hit that ball. Watch out.

Proud mom, Rachel.

Mini Golf and Go Carts with Rachel and Family

We took another trip to Waterloo when my shingles were better. The first night we played mini golf and rode go carts. It was a beautiful evening and perfect for outdoor fun.

Drew practicing with his own clubs before we went mini golfing.

Craig, who is a great golfer, gives advice and encouragement.

Looking good.

Great form.

Will she make it?


Where's it going?

Let's race!!!