Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Oct. Came and Went So Fast

Oct. did come and go very quickly.

One thing major that happened is that we sold the house in Pomeroy. Closing is tomorrow. The house is completely cleaned out and ready for the new owners. That was a long drawn out process, and it's nice to get it all done. We have found room for everything in our house in Sioux Center.

Another major thing is that we had a mini family reunion in Omaha. My uncle Scott and Aunt Hadie came to visit from North Carolina. My sister from San Antonio came and my sister and her daughter with her son came from Alabama. Alyssa, my great niece, also came with her son from Kansas. It was so much fun to be together with so many family members.

Some of us playing with the Wii.

The family pictures. There are 5 generations here. Wow!!!

Decorated pumpkins.

Shots of V8.

Scott and Hadie came first and we drove up to Sioux Center and did some sight seeing up in our area for a couple of days. We visited sites between Omaha and Sioux Center, DeSoto Wildlife Refuge, and the Welcome Center and Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center in Sioux City. along with having ice cream in Le Mars, the ice cream capital of the world.

One day we went up to Pipestone National Monument in Minn. and to the EROS center just outside of Sioux Falls. Altogether, we visited 4 different states, NE, IA, SD, and MN.
We had a great visit.

Here are some highlights.
Desoto Bend National Wildlife Refuge.

Pipestone, MN hotel where we had lunch.
Bev's on the River (great restaurant in Sioux City looking over the Missouri River.)

Bertand was a boat lost on the Missouri and there is a museum with it's contents.
Boat welcome center in Sious City.

EROS geological center in South Dakota. Stores satellite images of earth.

DeSoto Bend.

Pipestone National Monument in MN where they quarry the stone for peace pipes. Scott and Hadie now have one so there's now peace in their family. Native American in the background is carving the stone into a peace pipe.