Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving With Uncle Scott and Aunt Hadie at Dibble's

Another tradition has been to visit my Uncle Scott and  Aunt Hadie in Burgaw, NC on our way to Florida.  This year we got there in time for Thanksgiving.  Although we offered to take everyone out, Hadie's sister, Dibble wanted to cook for us so we joined her and her daughter, Jennifer and had a delicious meal and great company. 

Here's Dibble relaxing after doing such a super job.

Hadie felt very satisfied and relaxed after such a great dinner.  Scott and Bob joined her in a little nap after we ate.  Dibble and I visited and Jennifer went out and did chores.

 Jennifer relaxed after doing chores.

Here  Bob looks well rested and enjoying himself.

Scott looks well rested after his nap too.

Later it was time to have some more delicious "Happy Cake."

Dibble in her element.

Jennifer introduced us to light wood which is wood filled with a resin that is beneficial for lighting a fire using this wood.  It smells good.  Just ask Bob.

We are so thankful for being able to enjoy family during a special season.  Thank you  Dibble for all your efforts.

Pre Thanksgiving With the Family

It's become kind of a tradition to get together with Bob's side of the family for a pre Thanksgiving visit in 
Des Moines  so we decided to meet again.  Usually Rachel and Stacy participate in a major running event at the Living History Farm, but this year they decided to skip it since it was so cold, way below freezing temps.  That meant more time with the family so that was nice.

When we arrived in Des Moines, we met up with Brian, Cari, and Dave for supper at one of Bob's favorite restaurants, Noodles and Company.  Here we are waiting for our food.


Cari and David

Guess who?

Then we all met up at the pool at the motel.

Here are Curt and Jenna Joy.  They had been swimming and were ready to call it a day.

Reagan and Aunt Stacy

Rachel, who had just celebrated a significant birthday.  

Sitting around for a break.

Is that Hercules?  No, I think it's Dane.  Look at those muscles!!!

Bob and Stacy having good conversation.

Brian joined us for swimming  Looks pretty handsome here.

Time to party in the room.    Here they are,  "Dancing with the Stars!!!!!!"

Still partying.  Some with their electronic games and some just hanging out and talking.

Something was funny!!!


Fun with Grandpa

The next morning was more time for swimming.

Great picture of Stacy, Dane, Jenna Joy, and Reagan.

Ahhh.  Isn't Jenna a  cutie pie?

Did I actually get a picture of Drew?

Curt throwing Brett.  He looks ready.

The Beauties of the family.

Such a nice picture.

Curt trying to get Brett to cooperate with the camera.

Another successful camera shot of Drew with Brett looking on.

Reagan and one of her many poses.

The Lindsays.  Great picture.

The grandchildren having fun in the motel hallway.  They know how to have fun.

From the motel we went to the Machine Shed for a delicious brunch.  There's something for everyone.

Another great visit with the family.  We always look forward to these times and hope to have many more.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Halloween at Plain Conversations Meeting

Our Democrat Party hosts events called Plain Conversations at a local restaurant/bistro, The Fruited Plain.  We invite speakers who can enlighten us on current issues, and then we have conversations about the issues.  Our October meeting was on Halloween so we were invited to dress up.  The speaker who is our friend, Ruth, dressed up and so did Bob and I.  No one else really did, but they said they all appreciated that we did.  I'm Miss Piggy, Ruth is Super"woman", and Bob is a clown.  It was fun to dress up.  The discussion topic was "Raising the Minimum Wage."  We were presented with the pros and the cons.  It seems the inflation rate has gone way beyond the rate of increase of the minimum wage.  In my opinion, it seems it may be time to make things more equal for a lot of employees by raising the minimum wage. 

Hope everyone had fun on Halloween this year.  We did.  

Outing With the Lindsays

We were so happy that we were able to meet up with Rachel, Reagan, and Drew one Saturday.  We met in Ft. Dodge and shared a meal to get ready for the day.

Then we drove to Dolliver State Park where we enjoyed the fall colors and the fall weather.  We walked up and down hills, learned about the park, did some yelling, and maybe walked a little beyond what we really wanted, but that's to be expected when you go for a hike with Grandpa.

Some natural tepee frames were in the park.  There were several which were also several sizes.  Someone had been busy.

A little cave like area.

I guess  Drew decided to play "Peek a Boo."  Otherwise notice the great scenery.

Rachel looks pretty good surrounded by autumn.

Reagan found a neat walking stick.

Grandpa always encouraging reading the plaques that are available in parks.

After a great time at the park, we decided to go bowling.  That's always fun too.

After bowling we ate at Taco Tico and Rachel introduced me to their cheese enchiladas.  Mmmmm.  Good!!!!

We had a great time and hope we have many more opportunities to enjoy the Lindsays.