Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hot Air Balloon

On our way home from Omaha and just before the turn off to Orange City, we could see a hot air balloon up in the air. We knew that some friends had made plans to get a hot air balloon ride in Orange City and wondered if it might be them so we chased the balloon until we met up with it. What fun. It didn't turn out to be our friends, but it was still fun to see it and to be right there to see it land. Bob did get a card, maybe for future use.

Logan's Baptism

It was such a coincidence. When we called the Cardonas to let them know we were going to be in Omaha with Bob's kids and grandkids, they let us know that Logan (my great great nephew) was getting baptized that weekend.

We had so much fun with Bob's family and didn't know if we'd be able to be at the baptism or not, but we decided we could spend some time with them Cardonas afterwards. But as it worked out we were able to go to the baptism and share that time with them. Afterwards we ate pizza (Logan's choice) and had cupcakes and a nice visit at the Cardonas.

Here are some pictures of Logan.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Omaha Visit with Bob's Daughters and Their Families

After a visit with Brian in Waterloo, we drove to Omaha to meet Bob's kids and grandkids for a weekend of fun, swimming, lassoing, and zooing.

Swimming seems to be a favorite activity for everyone so, of course, we took advantage of the motel pools.

Stacy looks amazed at Dane's hand stand. He's pretty good at doing those.
Grandpa playing with Drew and Reagan with Cari. Rachel must be relaxing.
Drew loves to ride on Grandpa's back.

Cari and Rachel giving Drew another kind of ride.
Stacy's about ready to throw Brett in so Brett's getting ready.

Reagan has great form when she swims. I do have a video of her true form.
Reagan's hand stand gets a "10."
Rachel showing that it was a little cold getting in.
Lucy and Reagan had a few crazy races. Reagan usually won.

The Johnson family hanging out at the pool.
Drew is READY to go.
Dane is having lots of fun.
But he's having even more fun jumping in backwards.
The masked swimmer.
Dane's fantastic hand stand. He did a lot of them.
Curt getting ready to throw Dane. Looks like Dane's ready.
Cari and Reagan. Sweet.
Sisters floating and relaxing.
Brett swimming across the pool. No lessons for him. He just figured it out.
Brett taking a break.
Grandpa and Drew having fun.
Grandpa and Cari helping Reagan do a trick. Yea!!!!
The other activity for the weekend was Grandpa Bob presenting homemade gifts to the grandkids. He made lassos for them and then added cowboy hats and bandanas.

Here's Curt trying out one of the lassos. He did pretty well.
Here's Brett giving it a try with Stacy looking on.
Dane definitely got the knack of twirling the lasso.
Reagan and Drew showing off their garb.
Giving it their best effort.
The other activity was going to the Henry Doorly Zoo. It was a beautiful day and everyone seemed to enjoy the zoo.

Here are Brett and Reagan milking a cow. Just pretend.
At lunch time there was a little time to take pictures so Reagan took this one. It also shows off the lights on Dane's giraffe hat.
Then Dane took this picture.
Dane did a great job on this picture too.
Dave and Cari enjoying their lunch.
Here are Cari and Reagan on the train.
Here are the grandkids climbing on the gorillas.
This is a real gorilla that loved to slam into the window to scare everyone. He did scare Reagan who was standing right in front of the window. It's all for fun.
Gorillas have a relaxed life.
Notice Dane's giraffe hat and Brett's elephant hat. Unfortunately there are no elephants in the zoo any more. But we did see giraffes when we rode the train.
Drew got a free ride on Grandpa Bob's shoulders. Brett and Reagan got short rides sometime during the day. Then Grandpa Bob had to rest for a couple of days to recuperate.
The Johnsons enjoying the monkeys.
This gorilla was a little friendlier but he did beat his chest to make sure everyone knew he was top ape.
Watch out for hippos who open up their mouths for young ones like Reagan and Brett.
A real miniature hippo.
Hanging out at the Rainforest.
Cute monkey. No relation to us.
Brett, Drew, and Reagan milking the cow.
The polar bear finally woke up just before we left. He is a favorite of many.

Grandpa Bob, Cari, and Reagan on the train.
Rachel, Drew, and Brett riding the train. What are they seeing?
Rachel and Reagan hanging out at the rainforest.
Reagan with a cute little gorilla in the background.
Reagan and Brett. They're both just way to cute.
The spider web. I think it's harder than it looks.
It was all so amazing. Just ask them.
Reagan, Drew, and Brett climbing on the gorillas, pretend ones.
Dane, Reagan, Brett, and Drew sitting on top of the lions.
Here's everyone.
Saying good-bye.
Thanks everyone for a great time.