Monday, June 28, 2010

Bob's Grandson, Brett, at his Ball Game

Bob was able to attend one of grandson's, Brett's, ball games the other day in Rockwell City. He got some really good pictures. After the game he and his daughter, Stacy, drove to Pomeroy and watched the end of Dane's second game. It was a fun, busy ball game day.

The Cherry Tree

We have a very prolific cherry tree, and it's time to pick cherries. If anyone wants any let me know. We'll allow you to come pick as many as you want whenever you want, or if you want some already picked and pitted, you have to put in your order. They will only last a couple more days because the birds will be eating them if we don't get them picked. We've picked some cherries, but I haven't pitted them or processed them yet, maybe tonight. I think I'll try to freeze them, and when the weather turns cooler, we can warm up the house by making a cherry pie.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Visit With Cardonas in Omaha

Bob had a magic club meeting down in Omaha on Mon. so we drove down for that, and we always like to include a visit with the Cardonas. As it turned out Nicholas, the handsome great nephew with the purple emperor hat (see below), went to the meeting with Bob. They made a night of it, getting burgers and milk shakes in addition to going to the magic club meeting.

I stayed and visited with Mitzi, Al, Christian, Aly, and Logan and got caught up on what they were up to. We went to a Mexican food place and had good food and margaritas. Then we came home and played SCENE IT. I am NOT good at that game. I think I may have even fallen asleep. But I think I made some noises every once in a while which turned out to be right answers and gave my team a point or two :)

The next morning we went out for brunch at a really cool place and attached is a really cool store, and we had to go into the store and take some pictures of us trying on unique hats. Actually Aly was sick and Christian was with a friend so they didn't join us.

Al and Nicholas got ready to go camping for a few days at Mahoney State Park, between Omaha and Lincoln. Aly was going to go, but she got sick, and Christian had to work. After a stormy night last night, they faired well, and Mitzi and Christian went out to visit them for the day. Hope they enjoy the rest of their camping trip.

Mitzi and I think that Mahoney State Park might be a great place for a Hopkins reunion if people are interested. Check out their website. They have 6 bedroom cabins, 4 bedroom cabins, and 2 bedroom cabins I think. Anyway it would be more expensive than the place in Tuscaloosa, but it could be a great place. There is camping there too if people would opt to camp, but it would be in a different area. There's a nice water park, fishing in the Platte River, water activities on a small lake there, and even a theater for movies. We would have to make plans soon to reserve cabins for next summer. An idea.

Here are some pictures of us being silly at the store.

I entertained and read books to Logan while Mitzi went to order Christian's senior pictures and Al and Nicholas got ready to go camping. Aly was in bed being sick. Ugh. Logan really liked the airplanes. He has traveled on airplanes a couple of times already. Thanks for a nice visit, Cardonas.

Pomeroy Visit

The last time Bob went to Pomeroy to attend his grandson's, Dane's, ball game, he visited one of his long time friends there, Gary, who lives in the care center there. Gary and Bob have been friends and neighbors for 30+ years. He was a former counselor at the school there in Pomeroy. He has some medical issues that make it difficult to live at home so he lives at the care center in Pomeroy, and his wife is close by and can visit easily. Bob tries to visit as often as he can.

Down town Pomeroy is the Kalaidescope where Leonard, a very interesting entrepreneur makes all kinds of cool things. Bob decided to take a picture of his display of roosters, one of my sister's favorites. Tour buses even come visit this shop. He also gives lessons on how to make fused class jewelry. He calls it The College of Leonard. It is a very interesting place and Leonard is a very interesting person.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dane's Ball Game June 16

Bob had the opportunity to go to one of his grandson's, Dane's, ball game in Pomeroy. It was a bright sun shiny day, great for a ball game. Everyone was a winner. Everyone cheered for every player no matter what they were doing. They didn't even keep score or stats because they were out there to learn how to play and how to have fun playing. Great philosophy.

Here is Dane up to bat.

He made it. Great job!!!
Waiting for his turn.

The team.

Spectators. Mom and Dad and others.

Time for a nice cold treat after the game. Mom, Stacy, in the background.

Proud brother, Brett.

Nicholas and Christian's Post Tour Concert

Sunday, June 13, Nicholas and Christian returned from a 9 day church choir tour. Some places they went were Makinaw Island and Chicago, but mostly they went to small towns in MI, WI, and IL I think. They gave a post tour concert at their church in Omaha upon their return so Bob and I drove down especially for that. It was a wonderful concert and we got to see slides of the kids having fun and doing what they do best on a concert tour. They have a great choir director and he seems to be able to motivate the kids quite well.

Above is a picture of them applauding their director who was being recognized. Nicholas and Christian are on the far right. Christian is in the front row wearing the dark glasses wearing a blue shirt, and Nicholas is right next to him wearing a green shirt. They are great singers, and we are so proud of them.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sad News

A good friend and coworker, Ethel Lenters, died last night. She was only 58. She was the most beautiful, caring, mild mannered, patient woman who was the picture of good health and wellness, and I admired her so much. Some things like this make no sense. She will definitely be missed.

I had just read about her in our local newspaper about her attending her 40th school reunion, and there was a nice picture of her. Then about an hour later I got the phone call telling of her death. Unbelievable.

I first met her when she was a volunteer at Kinsey Elementary School where I used to work. She was very helpful to me especially how she organized me and all my files. It made such a difference. I also taught her two sons. Then she got a job at the middle school where I worked. She worked with our at risk students and had the patience of a saint. She never spoke an unkind word about anyone, and she always made everyone feel special. She was a gem of a person.
At water aerobics this morning I found out that Ethel had a heart attack, and she had a 90% blockage. Unbelievable, considering she watched what she ate and exercised regularly. I guess it was just her time.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Visiting in Waterloo

Finally we made a visit to Waterloo to see Bob's son, Brian, sitting next to Bob, and his daughter, Rachel, sitting across from Bob. Rachel was one of the marathon runners. She looks pretty good here, all rested up and back to work. Next to her is her family, her daughter, Reagan, her son, Drew, and her husband, Craig. We ate at Old Chicago and had a good time visiting. I guess Craig took charge of keeping Reagan and Drew occupied during the lull times for kids. It's hard to make children sit still while adults visit although they did a pretty good job. It's always fun to see their smiling faces.

Bob took Brian shopping to get a T-shirt that he had been wanting. It was a Michael Jordan shirt. Good pick.

Amana Colonies

On our way from Des Moines to Waterloo we stopped to visit the Amana Colonies for a little bit. This is a place where a communal society called the Community of True Inspiration settled, later deciding that the communal life was unsuccessful and creating the Amana Society which was more of a capitalistic society. There are several little villages with quaint shops, wineries, restaurants, candy shops, and handicrafts of the area. We hadn't visited this area for quite a while. It's always interesting and fun to visit.

One of the shops we visited was a quilt shop with all kinds of hand sewn and machine sewn quilts along with all the supplies you'd ever need to make a quilt of your own. Some of the quilts were $500 - $1,000. Amazing work.

My friends and I used to make quilts with this applique when someone would have a baby. It made a nice gift for the new baby.

This is the artwork one of the ladies, and it is turned into patterns for quilts. This is the old fashioned way. Nowadays, the patterns are usually made with computers.

Here are some pictures of a neat place we visited. It's a museum type of place, but they make all the things too. This is the largest rocker made out of walnut. It's too big for me.

More reasonable size.
Musical contraptions.

This is one of those puzzles where you put the golf ball on the top and it travels down to the bottom. I know there's a special name for these, but I can't remember what they are. I do know they're neat. Bob did it a few times.

This was a winery, cheese shop, and gift shop. We ended up getting some wine, just little bottles.
We visited the museum there and learned about the history of these people.

Typical house there.
One of the bakeries there. We couldn't resist these gooey cookies. I did ask if there was a discount for people named Lucy, but no such luck. I also offered them psychological advice for 5 cents. No one wanted to take me up on that.

Visit with Cari and Dave

Sunday we were still in Des Moines, and we went to church with Cari and Dave at their church. It's a very dynamic church, and you can't help but get the message because it is presented in such an interesting and meaningful way.

After church we went to the Outback Steak House and had a nice meal and a nice visit. We had such a nice visit that I guess we forgot to take any pictures. Our pictures will just be imprinted in our minds.

Dam to Dam Race in Des Moines

On Sat. June 5, in Des Moines, they had a 12.5 mile marathon race called the Dam to Dam Race. It starts at Saylorville Dam north of the city and ends at a dam right in downtown. It was a rainy start, but it cleared up and ended up being a pretty good day for a race. Two of Bob's daughters decided to run in the race so we drove down to cheer them on. Rachel has run the race before, but this was the first time Stacy decided to take the challenge. Both of them ran the race in about 2 hours plus a few minutes. Neither one had been able to train for the race because of health issues, but they both ran in spite of them. What troopers. Congratulations to them both.

Here is Stacy near the finish line. She's the one in the fore front of the picture wearing grey and black. She looks like she could run another 5 or 10 miles. Slow down.

They put all their belongings in plastic bags at the start, and the bags were waiting for them at the finish. Neat idea. Stacy looks happy and proud. She should.

This wading pool was waiting for them at the finish line, a welcoming relief. Stacy's boys especially liked this area. Dane, her oldest boy, is in the background wearing the orange shirt.
Sister, Cari, is next to Stacy. Cari and her husband, Dave, had taken care of the boys the night before the race and during the race. I think she's saying, "How did you do that?" I think Stacy's getting ready to sit down a spell. She deserves a rest by now.

Here are Stacy's boys, Dane and Brett, enjoying the wading pool at the finish line.

I think Dane is congratulating his mom with a bear hug.

Bret with his mom.

Taking care of Brett. That's what moms and aunts are for.

Rachel looks pretty good after having run 12.5 miles.

Hanging out after the race. Notice Rachel and Stacy are still looking pretty good.

Rachel and Stacy left to get cleaned up at their hotel, and then we all met for a meal to celebrate their accomplishment. Here they are from left to right starting with Brett in the red shirt. Then Dave, Cari's husband, Cari, me, Rachel behind Stacy, and Dane in the orange shirt. It looks like we're all enjoying our food. Bob was taking the picture.

There's Rachel in the center of the picture.

Dane looks happy.

Dane and Cari bought Dutch letters for everyone when they were downtown in Des Moines at the Saturday market. Bob looks like he's enjoying his. They are so delicious, a pastry with an almond paste inside.