Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Fun With JR's Family

For Easter we were all invited to JR's sister's, Denise's, house. For Easter gifts for everyone, Susie and I gave each family a loaf of honey wheat bread baked in the shape of a bunny. We got them at a local bread store that makes really good bread.

Amy got a turn to hold and feed Max, but she had lots of competition. I think everyone there got a chance to hold Max. He was in great demand.

Of course Grandma Susie got her turn.

This was one of the areas where people gathered for great food and conversation.
Some of the available fun.
Then they had their traditional Easter egg hunt.
Max even found a couple.

The Golden Egg is a prize find. Each child gets one. There is a $5 bill in each one of the gold ones. Max got his.
The swimming pool was a very popular place for all the cousins there. The weather was summer like, but I heard the water was a bit chilly. That didn't stop the fun. Too bad I didn't take my suit.

Here are all the cousins. Max will be in the pool with them soon. For now he just watched and finally took a snooze.

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter.
For some Easter fun, I planted some Easter eggs around Susie's house. Each egg had directions of how to find a "treat" and the clue for the next one. It was fun. But NO CHOCOLATE, at Susie's request.

We each got some Easter shoes to brighten up the day.
Susie got a Spurs bear.
We also got some cheerful flowers.

Max at the Library With Easter Bunnies

Grandma Susie does a fun Easter event at her library involving taking kids' pictures with real bunnies. Then the kids make Easter decorated frames for the pictures. Max came and I got a couple of pictures.

Getting ready.

Smile with the bunnies.

Bob's Magic Show

Bob put on another magic show at a library where one of Susie's friends, Carolyn, works. Looks like they had fun.

Karaoke Fun

Susie has some new friends who introduced us to this neat Mexican Food Restaurant (great tasting food too) which also has karaoke on Friday nights. Sooooooooooo....

Here Susie, Linda, and Lucy try to sing a Cher song. Linda and Susie knew the song, but I didn't. I just tried to fake it.

The gang.
Here Susie, Lucy, and Carolyn sing the Beatles song, "All You Need Is Love," We did pretty good. We also sang "Dancing Queen" earlier. Fun!!!! Fun!!!! Fun!!!!!

Superintendent's Award

I am so proud of my sister, Susie, who received the Superintendent's Award. She is an awesome librarian and deserved this recognition for all she's done for the district. This is her last year. She is retiring and her last day of work is June 10. Congratulations, Susie.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Volunteering at Morgan's Wonderland

Morgan's Wonderland is an amusement park for special needs people. It opened up last year, and Bob and I went through their volunteer training, but we left before we were able to volunteer. We finally found a time to volunteer. It was a great experience, and it made you smile to see everyone having such a good time.

We volunteered inside this sensory village building. They had a TV weather room with the green screen, a holographic room with butterflies and other sensory sensations, a mock grocery store, and a place to "ride" a pretend horse. I had fun there too.

Bob and I shopping in the grocery store.
Here are the holographic butterflies.
This is the green screen in the weather station room. I had been holding a huge hail ball, but the picture changed.

After volunteering we rode the train and got a shot of the park at a different angle.

We also got to ride the off road vehicles.