Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October Activities

Bob is pretty much finished painting the house. He did a really thourough job and I think it looks really nice. I picked the colors and I like how it all turned out.

We got to go to Logan's 2nd birthday at Pizza Machine. Here are some pictures. It was fun.

Our present to Logan, an electronic guitar kids style.

He won an extra 1000 ticketes to buy stuff. As you play the games you get tickets and can turn them all in for trickets and toys, etc.
My friends, Pat and Chris, and I met in Ft. Dodge. Pat was serving Chris in bed. Luxurious. I served everyone coffee the next morning.
We went to a tea house. Great atmosphere and food as well as great company.

Some 8 or something year olds were having a princess party. Looked like fun.
Outside the tea party.
Hillbilly sale at the fairgrounds. We couldn't resist. But I'm not sure it was worth it.

Then we went to the Community Orchard to enjoy some apple pie. MMMmm good.

We took a convertible trip with a group of friends and drove to the Loess Hills winery. It was a beautiful fall day and perfect for our convertible ride.

Bob and I invited a couple, Warren and Verna, to join us in Fremont, NE for the dinner train there. They serve you a great meal as the train travels, and then there is a murder mystery while you're on the train and eating.

They required audience participation and Bob volunteered. I also volubnteered, but I didn't get to act until the second act.
Bob won best actor and his character also turned out to be the murderer. We suspected him at one time, but changed our minds so we didn't not figure it out. Oh even though I only acted for the second act I did get runner up of being the best actress. I call it the best supporting actress.
We spent the night in Fremont, and then the next day we took a road trip with Warren and Verna through the Loess Hills and visited a variety of parks. This one had a tower where they were watching for birds. It was a beautiful fall day again.

We ate at the Old Home Cafe in Pisgah, IA. Some of you may remember C.W. McCall and the old home cafe. The food was OK but we just had to eat ther.