Sunday, August 30, 2009

Making Pillows. Am I Domesticated?

We have a futon downstairs, and I wanted some pillows for it, but I couldn't find any I liked so I decided to make some. Most of you know that's a major effort on my part. It's an easy job, but I know how to make it a difficult one, just to make something simple. Anyway here is a picture of my 4 satin pillows that I made all by myself.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Patsy's Visit From Hawaii

Something I don't really understand is why people in Hawaii come to Minneapolis? Aren't people from Minneapolis supposed to go to Hawaii? Well the reason is because of business.

Since Patsy had to come to St. Paul for a week's worth of meetings this week, she came early, last Fri., and we drove up to meet her and we had a great time in the Twin Cities. We haven't been there for a while so it was really fun, especially with my sister.

Bob and I drove up Thurs. and checked into the motel. I had to use the swimming pool and mostly did my water aerobics routine instead of swim laps, but that was good.

Fri. morning Patsy was supposed to arrive at 6:00 am, but she didn't get in until about 8:00 and didn't get to the motel till about 9:00. We ate a nice breakfast at the motel (Holiday Inn Express), Patsy freshened up and we were off to the Mall of America. When in Minneapolis you have to go to the MOA. And, yes, we shopped till we dropped. We both contributed to the economy. Here are some pictures:

A guy at a kiosk wanted to uncurl and unfrizz my hair so I said sure. Did I buy the staightener? Not for $90 - $120. But he was from Israel and had a girlfriend from Hawaii so we all had a very interesting conversation. Patsy even spoke Hawaiian to him.

Patsy and I tried the D -Box that moves your seat according to the action in the movie you're watching. Patsy said it would probably keep her awake during a movie.

Lucy and Bob using the sample D-Box.

You can even eat at a Qdobas in the food court.

And we shopped........
and shopped....

and shopped.....

and shopped........

and shopped..........

And we enjoyed the ambiance.

The next day we took a short drive to Stillwater, MN. It is a quaint town on the St. Croix River east of St. Paul. It has lots of antique stores, art galleries, and neat places to eat. We took the trolley ride to get an overview and historical view of the town with some pretty good views of neat houses, gardens, and just pretty views of the river. We shopped in some antique stores, looked at the art in the art galleries, climbed a lot of stairs from the bottom of the downtown area to the upper residential area, and we had a nice meal at a restaurant on the river. At an antique store we found some Kentucky Derby glasses that our parents had. One of them was priced at $225. It just so happens that my sister, Susie, has two of those glasses along with some others that might be valuable. Wow! Also we found a LIFE magazine, Dec. 1957, with a picture of my dad while he was in Korea. He was at a reception with some Koreans and other army personnel. We had looked for that magazine before and had found copies at a cost of $25 or so, but this one only cost $6. Yea.

Neat house.

Carnegie Library

Another neat house.

Notice the rolled edges of the roof so snow can slide off easily.

View of city

View of St. Croix River and a lift bridge.

Going up steps. Why? Because they were there.

More steps. Patsy looks like she's having too much fun.

Almost to the bottom. After climbing all the way up to get the views above.

The antique store where we found the glasses and the magazine.

Here is the cover of the magazine.

Our dad, Col. Hopkins, is the man second from the left.

After enjoying the beautiful day at Stillwater, we drove to downtown Minneapolis to the Guthrie Theater. It is a rather well known theater in the midwest and we were lucky enough to get tickets for a very discounted price because we stood in line for about an hour to buy the tickets that hadn't been sold just before the performance. We had great seats and enjoyed When We ARe Married, a British comedy about 3 couples celebrating their 25th anniversary but discovering that the minister that married them was not authorized to marry them so were they married or not? The Guthrie Theater is a beautiful building with beautiful views of the Mississippi River. Patsy even visited there to see a lock and dam that we had seen from the theater viewing balcony.

On to the next day which was our day at the Renaissance Festival in Shakopee, MN just a short drive from our motel. It was a beautiful day, and we managed to see a lot of funny shows, some bellydancing, some death defying feats (no pictures of them) and just enjoyed the atmosphere of the Renaissance. And the food was good too.

Good-bye!!! We had a great time.

For our last day together, we drove into St. Paul to visit the magnificent Science Museum there. We always enjoy going to Science Museums, and Patsy was willing to go too.

Patsy and I are getting ready for our news broadcast.

In the middle of our broadcast.

Patsy and Bob doing a broadcast.

View of barge on the Mississippi River from window in Science Museum.

Then her hotel was just a couple or three blocks away from the museum so we just got her luggage, and we walked her to her hotel, got her settled in and took pictures of her beautiful view of the Mississippi, and then we said our good-byes.

Walking luggage to Patsy's hotel which is in the background. We did help her.

How does this Sleep Number bed work anyway?

View from her window.

Bob and I still had to finish our visit at the Science Museum and were there for another 4 hours or so. Did I mention we enjoy science museums? Anyway we had a great time in the Twin Cities with Patsy. Aloha.

This was at Patsy's hotel, and we couldn't resist this picture.