Saturday, July 30, 2011


My GROUP of friends and I had our get together. First we met at my friend's, Chris's, house. It's always so nice there with her garden in the back. We get to enjoy it while we're there. You can see why we like it so much.

Some ducks came to visit in hopes of getting something to eat. So Chris threw out some feed for them.

On our way to Fond Du Lac we stopped at a gas station and Chris hinted she wanted these sun glasses for her birthday so I got them for her. She has some reading glasses that are very similar. Doesn't she look marvelous?
We stopped at an antique store on our way too. Pat is trying to make a phone call the old fashioned way.
Cool bar there.
We found a really nice place to eat.
Here we are at Polly's in Fond du Lac. This is the back yard patio.
Aren't we a beautiful group of women?

One of our traditions is giving presentos when we visit each other. Marilyn bought some old doors at the school where we all met. These are door knobs she salvages for us.
Even though this looks like a spear, it is actually a flag pole that Marilyn salvaged from the school where we all worked.

I gave some presentos also. Each of us got a mariachi band figurine to signify that together we make good music. Also there was a lucky rock, an Egyptian bookmark, and a billion dollar bill (tax free.)
Rick was very proud of his pond that he created in their back yard. It even has goldfish in it. Here he is showing it off.

Here are our host and hostess, Rick and Polly.
These are pictures of Polly's mom and dad who were instrumental in the development of the Galloway Village, where we visited.
Here is the GROUP with Polly's mother whom we visited. We also enjoy a visit with her when we go to Fond du Lac.
Polly and her mom.
Here is a model of the Galloway House which we toured. It's a lovely house. Polly works as a volunteer coordinator for the Galloway Village so she did some of the tour for us along with others.

This dog was preserved to be a permanent resident of the house.

The mill.
The railroad station.
Several of the village stores. All of the stores are full of historical memorabilia which makes it all so realistic and interesting.

The church is in the background.
Here's a close up of the church.

This is the baptismal that was used for Polly's baptism. Her church donated it for the church at the village.
Pat giving a fire and brimstone sermon.
In the museum one display that caught my eye was this trench art from the first world war. Spent shellcases where carved as pieces of art while soldiers were in the trenches. They are so amazing.

One day we went to Polly's brother's house on the lake. This is next to the family lake home so we usually go out to the lake to visit when we're in Fond du Lac. Last time we visited this house was still being built. It turned out very nice.
We took a nice leisurely pontoon boat ride with Capt. Trace, Polly's brother.
This is Polly's sister in law, Cindy, with Chris.

Pat took advantage of the lake and took a short swim. She couldn't resist.
Other activities included eating at some really nice places and some really good meals prepared by Rick and Polly. We also played with the Wii and watched videos of our past escapades. It is also so much fun to get together. We've been good friends between 35 - 40 years and I hope we will be able to add many more years to our friendships.