Saturday, June 27, 2009

Linda "Outstanding" in a Field

Something Linda has noticed while in Iowa are all the corn fields. We have been noticing how many fields there are and how the corn has been growing over the past week. We had to stop and take pictures. Corny, I know. But she is definitely "outstanding" in this field.

Chest deep.

Neck deep. Almost over her head.

Convertible Road Trip

Thursday we took a road trip in our 1988 Chrysler Le Baron convertible (been in storage for a long time). First we went to Pipestone, MN where there is a National Monument that honors the sacred grounds used by the native Americans in the area where they quarried the pipestone rock to create the peace pipes they used in their ceremonies. Pipestone is a soft rock that can be carved fairly easily to create the pipes as well as jewelry (Linda and I bought earrings) and other mementos.

Linda sawing the pipestone to show it is soft enough. Bob overseeing her work.

At the monument, there is a very nice walkway. There was a small waterfall so it was a "digital camera" moment.

From there we drove with the top down into the town of Pipestone to eat at the Calumet Hotel, an historic building built with red rock of Sioux Quartzite which is unique rock in this area.

Then we drove to EROS, a geological survey center where they collect and store Landsat images that are available to anyone wanting or needing images of a geographical area on Earth. They have been doing this for many years, and their images are helpful in showing change over time as well as for other purposes. In the background you can see some flags of some of the satellite images used as artwork.

From there we went to Falls Park in Sioux Falls, SD. The Big Sioux River meanders through Sioux Falls, and there is a falls on the river; thus, the name, Sioux Falls.

The convertible. Yes, I do enjoy it!!! Wouldn't you?

We had a great day exploring the area in a fun way, in the convertible.

Visiting the Grotto of the Redemption

Bob, Linda, and I visited The Grotto of Redemption which is in West Bend, IA. It is the result of the vision of two priests, one of whom's life was saved by the hand of God. To show gratitude, he began the grotto at the West Bend cathedral where he was the priest. He studied geology and traveled far and wide to get just the right rocks, gems, etc. to build the grotto. He worked all year round, sometimes outside and sometimes inside, to complete the project. AFter his death, another priest continued the project, and together they created a geological, artisitic story of Jesus. There were stations to depict different periods of time in Jesus's life. It is very impressive. Here are some pictures.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Bob's Cousin, Linda

Bob's cousin, Linda, is visiting us from North Carolina. We're having a great time. We made sure we visited Le Mars for Ice Cream Days. You see, Le Mars is the Ice Cream Capital of the World. One day we visited the bank there for a concert and for free ice cream sundaes. Another day we visited the local museums. And another day we went to the outdoor municipal band concert. They played some very nice songs, and we enjoyed the great music.

Bob's Garden

Since Bob is into more nutritional foods and has learned the importance of fresh veggies, he decided to plant a garden. Since I love fresh veggies I was all for the garden. I was willing to help, but I think Bob just wanted to get it done, and as you can see, he's done a super job. We're looking forward to all the good fresh veggies, tomatoes, bell peppers, zucchini, carrots, onions, peas, radishes, lettuce, beets, mmmmm good.

Friday, June 19, 2009

House Ready for Visitors

Here are some updated pictures of our house. It is still work in progress, but you can see we have some guest rooms now. Bob's cousin, Linda, is our first guest and she says she is enjoying the center guest bedroom.

Great Room for exercising.

Looking from one end to the other downstairs.

Music area.

Living area.

Built ins in the exercise room.

Going into downstairs bedroom just outside of downstairs bathroom. This is my swan collection.

Downstairs bedroom where we sleep.

Upstairs hallway.

Upstairs bathroom. The tub is not functional at this time so I use it for some more swans.

Upstairs west guest bedroom.

Upstairs center guest bedroom facing south.

East guest bedroom.