Saturday, May 29, 2010

Garage Roof Progress

You can tell from these pictures, how much fun Bob is having with reroofing the garage. He has made lots of progress and is almost finished.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Birthday Present From My Sister, Susie

For my birthday, my sister, Susie, down in San Antonio, decided to get this picture for me since I thought it was so beautiful, and it had two of my favorite things in the picture, a violin and bluebonnets, Texas's state flower. The bluebonnets were beautiful in Texas this spring. They were everywhere, even on the sides of streets in town and on the sides and medians of highways. Sometimes there were fields of these beautiful flowers. They are very cheerful and bring music to your life. Maybe that should be the title. "Bringing Music to Your Life."

Thank you, Susie.

Our Garage Roof

Do you think our garage roof needs to be reshingled? Well we do. So Bob decided he would do it. We are only doing half of it because the other half looks OK for now. Anyway Bob has tried his best to get rid of the curliness of the old shingles before he reshingles. He does have a plan for being safe on the roof so that's a good thing.

We will post pictures of the progress.

Bob's Grandson's, Brett's, Preschool Graduation

Last Thursday, Bob was honored to be able to attend his grandson's, Brett's, preschool graduation in Pomeroy. First he went to his daughter's house to have a little visit and to eat some pizza. Here is their house.

Here is Bob's daughter and her family. That's Stacy, Curt (husband), Brett on the left, and older brother, Dane.

Brett and Dane switched places in this picture.

Here is the graduate, Bret.

The Program.

Brett marching in.

Brett waiting patiently.

Brett still waiting patiently.

Are Brett and the others still waiting patiently? OK. Let's get on with it. The teacher's name is Lisa, and she was one of Bob's former students.

Performing a song.

Brett receiving his diploma.

Proud diploma holders. Congratualtions.

Some of the year's art work.

Books they created.

The goodies table.

Proud parents.

Graduation reward. MMMMmmm. Good. What a cute graduate!!!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Quilt Show at Tulip Festival

I have a friend here in Sioux Center, Patty, who is a quilter. For the Quilt Show at the Tulip Festival in Orange City, she entered 12 of her quilts of which I took pictures (at least most of them.) She is amazing.

Over a number of years, my GROUP friends and I have made several quilts together so I can appreciate the work it takes to make these works of art. One of my GROUP friends, Gina, has been doing a lot of quilting lately, and she will absolutely be blown away, as will any one who sees these and has an appreciation of what it takes to quilt. I have nieces, Melissa and Cassie, in Arizona who showed off their quilts to me when Ivisited them in Flagstaff many years ago. I also have a niece, Mitzi, in Omaha who has done some quilting.

Enjoy the quilt art show.

Here is Patty with one of her Flip Flop quilts. Read about it.

The next ones are also Patty's.

Still Patty's.
The one in the middle is Patty's.

Here it is close up. One of my favorites.

Still Patty's.

The last one of Patty's.

Another friend of mine, Jennifer, also has done some beautiful and amazing quilts and entered them. She made a Flip Flop quilt for each of her daughers. Aren't they cute?

This is also Jennifer's.

Be sure to read Jennifer's story about the next few pictures of a special quilt she made for her mother.

Here is her complete quilt.

Here are some of my other favorites.

Cute clock.

I really like the colors, and the message is cute too.