Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sioux County Democrats Had a Booth at the Sioux County Youth Fair

Bob and I along with a fellow friend and Democrat were in charge of our booth at the Sioux  County Youth Fair here in  Sioux Center.  We had fun doing this and meeting the kids and the people who stopped by.

Bob entertained people with his magic tricks while giving information about government and Democrats and doing it just for fun.

I gave out candy, pencils, and farm stickers while also offering information about the Democrats who are running for office in November.

Ruth also handed out candy, pencils, and stickers while  visiting with people who stopped by.

Our Democrat Party Chair, Kim,  was also there.  We found some more Democrats in NW Iowa.  We are NOT alone.   

Family Reunion at Platte River State Park, NE

My niece, Mitzi, and her husband, Al, planned and executed a really fun family reunion at Platte River State Park just outside of Omaha, NE where they live.  Relatives came from California, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Iowa, Ohio, and Alabama.  We had a great time as the pictures will show.  I love my family.

This is our first meeting where Mitzi lets the kids know what the rules are for roaming the park and for other general information.

First night Kimbo, Isaac, and Jocelyn wanted to play tennis.  Kimbo was a great instructor.  Then then played what she called "Crazy Tennis."  It was crazy but fun.  There was only one other time for tennis, but it turned out to be too hot.  And they're from TX and AZ.

Three sisters and a son.

My siblings and I greeting each other.

All of Gary's kids and their kids going for a walk in the park.  Impressive.

Patsy, Nancy, Susie, and I went for a walk to see the falls and the high tower.

We met up with James who was also out walking.

The Platte River.

The Tall Tower by the restaurant.

Fun with the paddle boats.

We had a hula hoop session thanks to Nancy.


Patsy holding Julianne was a very typical scene.  I guess they bonded.

Eeeek.  Snake and hidden spider in the out of doors.  What are they doing there?

Rosemary and Aunt Rosemary's daughter, Cherie.

Gary with 2 of his really tall grandsons.  The tallness does not come from our side of the family.

Sisters hanging out when almost everyone else was off doing their thing.

Brunch Sunday morning. MMMM good.

Archery session after brunch.

The family that "archers" together, stays together.  Right?

Swimming wanna be.  So she just helped with paraphernalia.

Fun at the swimming pool.

Time to say Good-Bye.

This is our family photo.  I think there are 42 of us.  I think we were only missing 6.