Monday, August 16, 2010

Quilts and Vines Event Sioux Falls, SD

Two of my good friends are quilters, Patty and Jennifer. I have made or have helped make quilts, and I do appreciate the work it takes to make one, and I appreciate the artwork. We went to the Quilts and Vines Event in Sioux Falls at the Strawbale winery. It was a beautiful day, and it was great seeing all the beautiful quilts and taste the wines. We drove near to the winery where we parked, then caught a bus that was provided, and arrived to pay our entrance fee. The proceeds go to Blankets for Linus (They provide quilts for those who are in need.) We were given a wine glass and off we went.

Here is Patty with one of her quilts that she provided for the event.

A few days before the event a storm hit Sioux Falls and hit the winery. Here is a huge tree that fell as a result. They had to do quite a bit of cleaning up to get ready for everyone.

In the foreground are Patty and Jennifer. and in the background are quilts displayed on a barn. Also notice the wine glass holders that we bought and wore around our necks so that we didn't have to worry about carrying the glasses around.

They provided entertainment too.

Enjoying some wine and some entertainment.

Here I am enjoying it all.

Here's a close up of the wine glass holders.
Go to the next post to see some of the quilts that were displayed. They were so beautiful.

Quilts and More Quilts

There were about 500 quilts here so here are a few of them.

There were old cars too. And they draped some of the quilts over them. Neat.

Jennifer, how do you like this one?

As a joint projectm my GROUP friends and I made a few of these in our day.

The grapes for their wine.

This one really blends in.
In the end I bought two bottles of wine that are good sweet wines. Mmmm good.