Thursday, April 26, 2012

Erin and Max Visit

Erin had a day off so she spent some of it with Susie and me.  We also got Max from his daycare so we could have some fun time with him.  After school, Amy came to take Max home so we got to see her too.  It's always fun to spend time with everyone.

Bob the Magician at the Library

For the last couple of years and again this year, Bob has given magic shows at a public library where one of Susie's friends is the librarian.  He had a pretty good audience this year.  You never know who will attend.  He always has fun performing for an audience, especially for kids.

Ft. Sam Houston Fiesta and Fireworks

Susie, some of her friends, and I joined in on some of the San Antonio Fiesta Week events.  One of them was the Ft. Sam Houston Fiesta and Fireworks.  Ft Sam Houston is my birthplace, and my father was stationed there when I was in 6th - 8th grades.  It is always quite nostalgic to go there.  There are vendors and displays of all kinds,  a carnival with rides and games, and military displays.  After dark, there was a fireworks display that we enjoyed.  It was a beautiful day and evening for the event.

 This is the old Brooke Army Medical Center where I was born.  This is no longer the hospital.  They built a new, huge complex on property nearby.  I'm not sure what they use this building for now.

One common thing to do at almost any event is eating.  These were our nutritious selections.

No pictures of the fireworks.   Too dark.  We took our folding chairs and put them by our parked car to watch the fireworks display from a distance which is a great way to do it.  Then we were right by the car to make a quick get a way.

Babysitting Max, Berry, and Peanut

It's always fun to babysit Max.  Amy and JR attended JR's nephew's first communion so we got to babysit Max.  Here are Max and Daddy playing with cars before they left.

Mommy joined in the fun too.

After Mommy and Daddy left we blew bubbles.

Then we played with the dogs.  We dog sat for some of Susie's friends' dogs, Peanut and Berry.  Max loved them.  Since he has a big dog brother, Shiner, he readily plays with dogs and shows no fear.

Then we played some more with Max.

My New Haircut

My new haircut.  At the spur of the moment Susie took me to get my hair trimmed.  The lady listened and did a very good job.  She mostly just trimmed it, nothing drastic.  I can always cut more if I want, but so far I'm happy to get it evened up and looking healthier.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Iowa Friends

Bob has some Iowa friends who live in Abilene, TX so we visited them on our way from Amarillo back to San Antonio. They own a dog school and train dogs, and they also board dogs. There's never a dull moment around their place.

This is Ken who used to be a principal at the school where Bob taught in Iowa.

Here are Ken and his son. Bob was his son's teacher a few years ago.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Visiting Bill, Doug, Jimmy, and Aunt Rosemary

It was fun to visit with our cousins, Bill and Doug. We've had several opportunities to visit with Bill over the last few years. The last time I was able to visit with Doug was about 5 years ago when we all went out to the East Coast. It was great fun to get up to date with them.

We all traveled to Amarillo to visit with our 97 year old Aunt Rosemary. Her son, Jimmy, came over for a visit too. Here are Bill and Jimmy. Don't they look laid back?
Here's our Aunt Rosemary. She had hip surgery several years ago, but she fully recovered. Last year she had a stroke, but you'd never know it to visit with her. She says she plans to be around for another 10 years or so, and she probably will be. She has the strength and determination of Rosie The Riveter. I guess so because she actually was one.
Doug, Aunt Rosemary, and Bill.
Aunt Rosemary with me.

Visiting the Graveside of Grandparents

While we were at the Rose Hill Cemetery for Aunt Mary Kathryn's inurnment, Gary, Rosemary, Bob, and I looked up where our grandparents were buried, and this is the tombstone for their gravesite.

If you look closely in the background of our grandparents' gravesite, you can see the canopy where Aunt Mary Kathryn's burial place is.
A close up of the canopy where Aunt Mary Kathryn is buried which was taken from our grandparents' site.