Sunday, January 29, 2012

What Have We Been Doing In Ormond Beach?

You may be wondering what we've been doing in Ormond Beach. Does this answer your questions? Charlene and I are busy being Coastal Mermaids. It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it.

Actually we were visiting an area called European Village and we couldn't resist this photo op.

The European Village is a neat European style shopping area with neat shops and restaurants. You can see in the background some of its charm.

One day we ate at the High Jacker Restaurant which is a restaurant at their local airport. They had good food, and it was interesting to watch all the small planes fly in and out, some to just park and eat at the restaurant before continuing on with their trip.

Interesting wood sculpture out of a tree in the front of the restaurant.

Then we went to this quaint country restaurant for some dessert. They have entertainment and dances here some nights, but we haven't done that, just had dessert.

One day, at the recommendation of a friend we met at our health club, we drove way out in the country to a place called Dead Lake where we enjoyed the scenery and the food at their restaurant.

This is our friend, Jean, and her husband, Gene, who also came to the restaurant. We surprised them.
They were there with friends and wanted us in their picture too.
Today we decided to eat at an ocean front restaurant and had a good maui maui sandwich while we watched the people enjoy the beach. We were sitting inside because it was actually quite chilly with the wind blowing. But some people were actually going into the water which is probably about 55 - 60 degrees. Way too cold for me.

Yesterday we went to the local home show where we enjoyed all the booths and a free show featuring a Sweet Adelines group. It reminded me of Patsy and her singing days.

Most days we have been working out at our health club and hanging out with Bob's sister. One day Bob and I did get a free hearing test. Unfortunately the guy had to clean out my ears, and he messed them up in the process so I had to go to an urgent care to get them flushed out. There wasn't any damage or infection so that was good. I may have some hearing loss, but I'm not thinking it's enough to get any hearing devices yet, but Bob wants me to go back now that my ears are all cleaned out. We'll see. So if I ask you to repeat yourself sometimes, please do. Otherwise I might have to get some kind of hearing device, but I might turn it off if I don't like what you're saying.

The weather has been pretty nice, some cool days here and there, but mostly sunny and warm enough. Hope it lasts. Hope everyone is keeping nice and warm wherever you are.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Where are The Ocean View Pictures?

Believe it or not I have not taken any ocean view pictures yet. That is next on my list. But we are definitely enjoying the nice weather and scenery down here in Florida. It's been in the 70's most of the time with the sun shining cheerfully. Come on down.

Swan Jewelry

As most of you probably know, I collect swans, and one of my collections includes swan jewelry because I can actually wear it. We went to the Daytona Flea Market where we had some delicious chicken curry at our favorite Thai Restaurant, and then we went shopping. I found three swan pins and a swan ring. I love the flea market.

Here are most of my pieces.

These are the four pieces I just purchased.
This is my new swan ring. I guess it's a little gaudy, but swan lovers don't care about that.

Christmas Thank Yous to My Siblings

In honor of the gifts that my siblings gave me, I say thank you with these photos.

Thank you Gary and Rosemary, Kathy, Patsy, Nancy, and Susie. I love each one of these treasures:
Book about ancestor and necklace from Gary and Rosemary
Scarves from Nancy and Kathy
Candle and coffee mug from Patsy
Winter socks and key chain from Susie

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Our Journey to Florida

After having greeted Jenna Joy into the world and visiting with Stacy, Curt, Dane, and Bret, we started our trek to Florida. The weather was pretty nice as we left Iowa. The gas was at a low of $2.98. Of course, that changed quickly.

Our first visit was with Aunt Ruth in Sandusky, OH. She was in great spirits, and we took her out for a nice meal. We spent quite a bit of time visiting, and Bob showed her the family DVD to get more information about who was who. It's always fun to visit Aunt Ruth.

From there we went to Cleveland to visit my sister, Nancy, and her husband, Eric. For good luck they fixed delicious black eyed peas for New Year's Day which is a tradition in our family. Of course it's always a treat to enjoy Eric's cooking.

Eric did his exercising on his exercise bike equipment that is set up in the living area. You can see bikes in the background.
Nancy, Bob, and I went to the apartment's gym the next day to get a little exercise before watching the Rose Bowl Parade.
It started to snow so we had to go up to the upper floor where there is a community room for the tenants. We were able to see the snow and some of Lake Erie.

Here are Bob and Eric hanging out before we left.
Nancy getting caught up on computer stuff, email, FB, etc.
Nancy and their cat, Muldeck (?) The cat reminds me of one of my cats, Callie, because they are Calico cats.
Nancy and Eric.
Getting ready to leave. First we took Eric and Nancy out for a meal across the street. Thanks for a nice visit.
Then we headed toward North Carolina. First we visited Bob's cousin, Linda, in Pinehurst. We kind of timed it right, unknowingly, because she had just had a medical procedure, and we were there to help her out as needed and to spend some fun time with her as well. She did fine even though she needed a little help here and there and was a little tired and needed rest, to be understood.
But she was up for playing Mexican Train and Hearts while we were there.
Then we traveled to Burgaw, NC to visit my Uncle Scott and Aunt Hadie. We always enjoy visiting with them. They treated us to a performance of The Full Monty. Yes, it was THE FULL MONTY!!!! We went because one of Hadie's great nephews was in it and had a lead part.

Here are Hadie, Scott, and Jason, Hadie's great nephew, after the show. It was a great play.

It was fun to see every one. We arrived in Ormond Beach on Sunday, Jan. 8 and have been here for about a week now. I haven't taken any pictures yet so I guess I'd better start taking my camera with me.

We've mostly been working out and going to seminars in the area. We went to the Daytona Flea Market today after church so we could have our favorite chicken curry dish, and so I could buy 3 swan pins and a swan ring. The weather has been in the 70's but got down to the 50's the last couple of days. It's great. More later.

More Pictures of Jenna Joy

Here are Jenna's proud brothers, Dane and Bret.

Stacy and Jenna Joy.
Grandpa Bob with Stacy and Jenna Joy.
Grandpa Bob with Jenna Joy.
Grandpa Bob with Jenna Joy, Dane, and Bret.
Curt with his little girl.
Dane looks like he and his dad are in love with little Jenna Joy.
Big brother, Dane, holding his little sister.