Friday, May 24, 2013

Having Fun While Bob Attends Abracorndabra

Bob attended the Abracorndabra Magician's Convention at Adventureland again this year.  We drove down to Des Moines and had dinner with Brian and Cari on Thurs. night.  We had such a nice visit that I forgot to take any pictures.  Ooops.

The next few days, while Bob went to his sessions, we enjoyed the swimming pools at the motel.  Reagan and Drew came down to visit Cari, and they joined me at the motel.   After swimming, we ate pizza, and then we all went to the Gala Magician and Clown Show at the theater at Adventureland.  It was very entertaining.  It's always fun to get together with everyone.

Sibling fun.

Eating chips and drinking water while sitting at the swim up bar.

It's always fun to be with Aunt Cari.

Enjoying the geese outside our room at the motel.

The magicians and clowns who performed at the Gala Magician and Clown Show.

After the show.  They look like they enjoyed it.

After the convention, we took Reagan and Drew back home to Waterloo.  Here's Reagan doing her homework.

Drew and Grandpa Bob had lots of fun playing outside.  It was a beautiful day.

 Trampoline fun.

Reagan took time out from her homework to have a little fun too.

Craig BBQ'd some really delicious burgers and brats.  Rachel prepared the coleslaw and strawberries.  It was all very good.  Thank you.

Drew and Grandpa Bob went outside to continue having fun.

Meanwhile Rachel and Reagan worked on Reagan's book report project.  It turned out pretty good.

Reagan can't resist teasing Grandpa Bob.

We look forward to our next time to be together.

Nicholas's Graduation

Family gathered in Papillion, NE to celebrate my great nephew's,  Nicholas's, graduation from high school.  We are all so proud of him.

Joe and Eloisa resting up for the weekend's events.

Kathy,  Jessica, and Dreydon hanging out with Riley.  The" lull" before the "storm."

Cousins, Dexter and Logan, do what they do best, being active on the trampoline.

Dexter is a Marvel.  

Aly and Angelica recognized all the mothers on Mother's Day.  How nice of them.

Eloisa enjoys one of the special candy coated strawberries the girls made for all the mothers.

A toast to all the fabulous mothers.

Another event during this weekend was going to see Christian in the Lincoln's Community Theater's production of Les Miserables.   It was wonderful.  Kayla was the proud winner of the sweat shirt souvenir donated by Susie.

Hanging out at home.  Notice Nicholas's best friend, Brennan, looking on.  Of course Logan and great grandpa, Joe are having fun bonding.

Loving look from Mitzi.

A few gifts.

 Awww.  Kayla and Cameron.  Aren't they a cute couple?

PaPa, Joe

 The fabulous Angelica.

 Another cute couple, Aly and  Robert.

At the arena for the graduation.

We're all waiting for the big event.

Here comes Nicholas.

Nicholas singing in the choir.

Nicholas waiting for his turn.

Congratulations, Nicholas.

Brennan proud of his friend, Nicholas.

Yea,  I did it!!!!!!

The family is sooooo proud.

Back at the house.  Logan and Dexter continue to have fun.  Notice the Longhorn T-shirt worn by Logan,  another gift from Susie.

It was meant for Logan, who is 4 years old.

Now it's time to party.  Cake is always a MUST.  MMMmmmmm good.

Fruits, veggies, and wings rounded out the menu.

Nicholas's life in review.

Having fun.

Good luck to Nicholas in his future ventures at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.  Love you, Nicholas.