Thursday, March 22, 2012

Susie's Real Birthday and the First Day of Spring

March 20th was Susie's real birthday. It just so happens it was also the first day of spring. We tried to get our mother to name Susie, Spring, but my mom decided on Susie. That's OK.

She had a few Happy Birthdays waiting for her.

This is actually on her bathroom mirror.
Her daughter, Erin, brought her Happy Birthday balloons. Fun.
Susie, Erin, and I started with massages. Then Susie and Erin also had a pedicure. Relax time.
Then we got to have some fun Max time.

We went out for dinner at Paisanos, a really nice Italian place. Mmmm good.
More Max time at the restaurant.

Sisters, Amy and Erin.
We said good-bye to Amy, JR, and Max, and Erin came home to have some more fun with her mom.

First they tried to pop a balloon.
Erin's trying soooo hard.
Try it this way, Mom.
No picture, but it did work.
Then they played some Wii games. You can tell Erin was having lots of fun.
Happy Birthday, Susie.

And to celebrate the first day of spring, here are some pictures of bluebonnets and other flowering bushes.

Tornado Warning

Monday night there was a tornado warning here in San Antonio. A tornado touched ground in a town just south of the city, and its path followed I-35 which goes right to downtown, near us, and near where my niece and her family live. My other niece was at work downtown. My sister, Susie, and I were quite concerned. We decided to gather a few important items to put in the bathroom where we decided to go if the tornado hit. I guess we turned it into a little of a comical event, but the bottom line is, you never know so you should be prepared as best as you can be. Amy and JR prepared for the tornado too, just in case.

This is the bathroom where we put in some bottles of water.

We had to save our family calendar.
We packed up one of Max's wagons, that was still here, with valuables like pictures, toys, pillows, jackets, umbrellas, shoes, important papers, and the left over doughnuts.
We also packed a small suitcase with important pictures, Max's swing, and the dog costume.
This is what Bob did. Good thing the tornado dissipated. It did cause quite a bit of damage in the town where it touched down. Erin, who was at work at the Hyatt downtown, was also not too concerned, but during the second round of the storm, she did end up driving home and got sopping wet from her car to her apt.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Susie's Birthday Party

March 20th is not only the first day of spring, but it's my sister's, Susie's, birthday so we had a birthday party for her, and it turned out to be so much fun. The night before, we blew up balloons, decorated, and practiced some Wii games that we were going to do for the party. Some people might call this a pre-party.

At the party we played partner balloon poppping. Two people had to figure out ways to pop their balloon. It was pretty hilarious. If you popped your balloon you won a gold medal.

Then we did some Wii dancing. Some people really got into it.

Then it was presents time.
She was sooooo surprised!!!!!! Her friends got together and got her a really nice gift.
She really liked the bows.
But she especially loved her new Wii.
With extra remote, num chuck, and 2 games.
Then it was time to play some of the Wii games.

There was some puppy time thanks to Linda's and Loita's 2 dogs that they brought.

More Wii time.

Of course every party has its great food, and we had our share.

Down time before everyone left. It was a fun party. Susie loves to have silly fun. Happy Birthday, Susie.