Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Trip With A Mission or More

Today we had a mission or should I say missions. There are several missions in the San Antonio area so we decided to visit them. We only saw 3 out of the 4, but that took most of the afternoon.

The first one was San Jose where the visitor center is. We saw a video about how the Spaniards "saved" the native Americans and as a result the two cultures intertwined and the Spanish missionaries built these missions to provide a safe place to live and to convert them to Christianity. Here are the pictures of San Jose.

When we were looking for a special window called Rosa's Window we stopped to ask this man if he could show us where it was. He is a native of this area and knew exactly where it was. He had a little chicken on his shirt (a symbol of new birth) but it was falling off so Bob offered to pin it on better. He was very appreciative.

Here is Rosa's Window. Pretty, huh?
This is the area where they stored grain.

Inside some of the living area of the mission.

There was and still is a working mill.

The wheel of the mill.

A short drive away was San Juan.

There was a short nature trail where we walked. It was beautiful.

The last mission was Espada. It is the oldest one.

Visit this website if you are interested in the missions of San Antonio.

Market Square Downtown SA

After swimming Tues. morning, Pat and I drove downtown San Antonio to go to Market Square. There are a couple of buildings with Mexican and Texas type stores. I think Pat was disappointed that the markets were all inside. She thought they'd all be outside.

The only purchase was some earrings that Pat wanted to buy to match a pendant she already had.

There is an outside part of the market and it wasn't as busy as it is during the summer, but here are some picutures of the area.

Of course there was always a time for a Margarita at La Margarita. It's always nice to enjoy it sitting on the patio and enjoying the great sunshine and warmth from the sun.

This is the outdoor area of the market. Festive looking, isn't it?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Alamo and San Antonio River Walk Experience

To begin the day, Pat, Bob and I went swimming and got all invigorated to do the touristy things today.

It is tradition that when you visit San Antonio, you have to do two things, visit the Alamo and stroll along and eat along the San Antonio River Walk. We did both today on a very beautiful day. Notice the blue sky and the summer type clothing. Nice.

When we arrived downtown, we ate at the food court at the RiverCenter Mall. We sat along the river walk and were entertained by music and sounds of construction. But we still enjoyed it.

Then we watched the Alamo story at the IMAX theater so we could get the flavor and history of the battle that took place at the Alamo. Then we took the tour of the Alamo.

Here are pictures of the Alamo and its grounds.

After visiting the Alamo, we strolled along some of the river walk, and we picked a Mexican Food Restaurant to have a Margarita and a bite to eat. Actually it may look like Bob was drinking, but he's the only one that didn't have anything except for water.

Entertained by a Mariachi Band.

We will be visiting the River Walk again.

Revisiting the Past at Ft. Sam Houston

Sunday after church and the church potluck and after we visited Susie's good friend's mother and taking her some food, we drove around San Antonio and Ft. Sam Houston to show Pat my old stomping grounds. We went by all the apts. and houses where we lived as a family or as I visited once my parents retired in San Antonio. Then we drove by the old hospital where I was born (should have taken a picture, but I didn't.) Then below you'll see pictures of one of the houses we lived in when we lived on the army post, Ft. Sam Houston. As you can see, it's a huge house. As luck would have it, the Col. who lives there now was out on the porch, and when I stopped to ask if I could take a picture he said, "Sure. And would you like to come in and see it?" What a bonus. I had many fond memories of that house so we took him up on the offer.

Here we are on the porch. Thanks to Pat for taking the picture.

This was taken in my bedroom.

This was looking down the hall. It used to end at a bathroom, but after renovations, it ends at the master suite, very nice.

This is the staircase leading up to the second floor.

There were two sitting rooms or living rooms, or parlors, or whatever you want to call them. As you walk in through the front door, one of the rooms is to one side and the other is on the other side.

This is the hallway leading to the kitchen and a family room. The family room at the very end used to be a separate maid's quarters with a bathroom which is where my brother's room was. After renovation, the wall that separated the maid's quarters was knocked out and the room became an extension of the first floor.

Col Miller was very gracious to allow us to come in and visit. He has been assigned many or the same places where we had been stationed so it was kind of fun to share.
After visiting the house, we went to the Quadrangle, the original "garrison" I guess. My father's office was one of the offices here. There are wild animals roaming the grounds, peacocks, ducks, deer, and squirrels. It brought back memories.

When we went by the chapel I mentioned that this was where I had been confirmed. We had a Lutheran chaplain so he did things the Lutheran way. I was confirmed before I was baptised. I think it all works though. Here you see that in the chapel you either go to the catholic mass, the protestant service or the Jewish service. That's what I did most of my growing up years so I was brought up a protestant and no particular denomination. There are some advantages to that I think.