Friday, October 14, 2011

Visit With Johnsons, Lindsays, and Brian

It was time for a little family visiting. First we drove to see Stacy, Curt, and the boys. After eating dinner, the boys wanted to show us their snow mobiles. I guess they're looking forward to the winter. They know how to enjoy the cold, snowy weather. We just go South.

In the background is their camper, but it's all winterized, and it'll be ready for the camping season later. Also in the background is farm machinery. I guess I have never been so close to such huge machinery. It was awesome. We heard that Curt does have all his crops harvested so that's a good thing.
Then we went to the other outbuilding which is the shop and "playroom." Stacy and Bob visited while the boys had fun, and I took pictures. Recently, Stacy, who was expecting in about 9 weeks, ran a 5 K race for life and did it in really good time. The baby doesn't slow her down too much.

I was trying to get pictures of Dane jumping with his scooter, but I just got a bunch of funny faces.

Then we drove to Waterloo/Cedar Falls to take Brian out for lunch to celebrate his getting a job down in Des Moines, which was his goal. We ate at Pizza Hut and had a nice visit.

Congratulations, Brian.
Then we met Rachel, Craig, Reagan, and Drew for supper and had a nice meal and very nice visit. I almost forgot to take pictures we were having so much fun.

It was lots of fun to see everyone.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Riverssance, Sioux City, Ia

Sioux City has, what I call, a mini Renaissance Fair called Riverssance. Bob and I and another couple, John and Linda, decided to experience it. It was such a beautiful day, perfect for a fair.

One of the first people I ran into was a former student. We had a nice visit. She also knew the daughter of the woman who went with us. It was nice to see her and hear how she's been doing.

After eating some good fair food, one of our first entertainment stops was a little raunchy so we left and decided to watch the dancers.
Then these two guys were putting on an act with juggling and sparring with comedy thrown in.
We enjoyed these singers for a few minutes.
Of course we had to go to one of the magic shows.
We enjoyed hearing the Wayne State Madrigal singers.
A lot of people visited the pub, but we didn't.
These guys did.
We watched a potter making a ridge on the bottom of one of her pieces.
We got into trouble, but someone set us free.
Here are the King and Queen who promenaded to the joust.
Another member of the royal promenade.
One of the jousters.
Here they are jousting on their horses.
Here they are on foot.
Both of them ended up on the ground.
We had a good time, and afterwards, we introduced John and Linda to our favorite Thai Restaurant in South Sioux City, NE, just across the Missouri River.