Thursday, June 14, 2012

Muddy Titan with the Johnsons

It was Summer Celebrations Time in Sioux Center, and a chance to have some fun family time.  One of the activities was a Mud Race.  This  is an obstacle course with muddy components to it.  Proceeds from the race went to the Family Crisis Center.   To join him in this event,  Bob invited his daughter,  Stacy, along with her two sons, Dane and Brett.  Curt and I stayed home to take care of Jenna Joy.  They all arrived early so we visited for a while.

Here are some cute pictures of Jenna Joy.  She was such a happy girl, and it was so much fun to have her and her family here.  

 Jenna can turn over on one side and was learning how to roll over on the other side.

We also played some ping pong.
 Time out for a hug.

There was a car show going on just down the street so we walked down to see the cars 

Here they are getting ready to leave for the Mudd Race.  While they were gone, I took Jenna for a walk, and when we got back, the Mud group had already gotten home, hosed off the mud, and taken showers so I didn't get any pictures of them all muddy.  But they did have a fun time.

Thanks to some friends who did the race and posted some pictures on Facebook, I do have a few pictures of the event.

Click on this site to see a video and a picture of the race to see what they actually did.

Then we went to the local mall where we went to the local bakery, Casey's Bakery, not Casey's Convenience Store,  to get some yummy treats.  Then we ate lunch at the Pizza Ranch.  Afterwards we went back to the house and played some more ping pong and just hung out.

My sister, Susie, got to meet everyone on  Skype

Hanging out.

While you're in this neck of the woods, you have to go to Le Mars, the Ice Cream Capital of the World so we did.  It was on the Johnson's way home so that was good.  We went to the special Ice Cream Parlor and enjoyed some delicious ice cream.

MMMMMMmmmmmmm GOOD!!!!!!!

Stacy and Jenna Joy only had water.  Oh wait a minute, I think Stacy had to finish off Brett's chocolate ice cream.  Bob and I had our usual mocha almond fudge.

You can't beat family fun like this.  We're ready to do it again.