Saturday, November 10, 2012

New Upstairs Bathroom

We have an upstairs bathroom that needed some work so Bob decided it was time to fix it  up.  He stripped, sanded and stained the floor, only to decide to cover it with some adhesive, easy-to-install tile (not real tile you have to grout and seal) but it does look nice.

He put in a new toilet.

We had the inside of the claw foot tub resurfaced.  Then Bob resurfaced the outside of it and the claw feet.  Then we did end up hiring plumbers to install the faucets, etc.  I'm pleased with how it all turned out.

He also put in a new top for our vanity and new faucets.

Thank you, Bob, for all your hard work to make the bathroom nicer and usable.  

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Staging Area for Obama in Sioux County

We have always been Obama supporters so one way we are supporting campaign this year is to donate our house to be a staging area in Sioux County for their Get Out To Vote effort for these last few days before the election.  We thought our ping pong table in the living room and our built ins on the wall could be a good area for hosting the people who come to make phone calls and who get lists of people to go door to door.  We just want to make sure that Obama supporters get out to vote if they haven't all ready.  This is what our house looks like today.

The Democrat noodles were a gift from my sister, Kathy, who bought them from one of her grandchildren or great grandchild who was selling them as a fundraiser.  Election day treat for all.  Thank, Kathy.

Go Obama!!!!  And he did win!!!!!!  Probably because of the noodles we ate in his behalf.

GROUP Visit in South Dakota

Every year sometime the first part of Nov., our GROUP has been getting together for a fun time.  This year we did it again.  Gina is always such a great host.  Chris decided to reward her with this Marguerita glass.  Now she can say, "I just had one!"

She also cooks for us.  I don't mean ordinary cooking, but extraordinary cooking.  Here she is fixing a delicious salad.  With this she served some delicious pork loin, yummy cheesy potatoes, and for dessert, her famous tarimasu (sp.)  The next day she fixed us "heavy appetizers."  Mmmmmm.  Goooood!!!!  She does this even though she's the one still teaching.

She also served us their signature "Lebations" wine.  She and her husband make their own wine, and their last name is Lebeda so they named their wine "Lebations."  We had a blackberry wine, a black cherry wine, and a pomegranate wine.  They we all very delicious.  Maybe they'll go into the wine business.

One thing we traditionally attend is the bazaar at the Lutheran Church in Sioux Falls.  We do our shopping, and then we eat their traditional Norwegian food.  It's always a treat!!!  Here is the gym area where they set up the tables for eating.  The stain glass windows are beautiful.  The food was delicious.

Here we are with the Christmas tree in the background.  They do incorporate the Christmas theme which makes it even more festive.  We were missing one of our members, Pat, who is just too swamped with life to join us this year.  She was there in spirit though, I'm sure.  Missed you, Pat.

This year we also attended a bazaar at a nearby Catholic church/school.  Polly was happy to find some things to buy for gift exchange for her family.

 From there we went to the local antique and flea market at the fairgrounds which they have the first and third Sat. of the month.  I didn't take any pictures.

Our last stop was a Goodwill stop, which is always one of our favorite places to stop.  It's always interesting to see what they have.
Then we drove home, ate, and visiting till we started falling asleep.  We hate to end the night because we enjoy each others' company so much.  It's always such good therapy to be with good friends to share, to laugh, to cry, to Eat, Drink, (a little), and be Merry!!!  Love my GROUP!!!!!!

Christie Vilsack

Christie Vilsack is our former Iowa First Lady, a former teacher, and the wife or our country's current
Secretary of Agriculture,  Tom Vilsack.  She describes herself as a problem solver and is willing to work across the aisle.  I think we need that.  She is running for one of our Senate seats in Washington opposing an ultraconservative incumbent who has been our Senator for about 8 years I think.    There are even some Republicans who are no longer supporting Steve King so they are willing to support Vilsack.  She made a visit here in Sioux Center so my friend, Cheryl, and I decided to go see her too.  She did a great job.

Michelle Obama in Sioux City, IA

Monday, Oct. 29, we had the opportunity to go to Sioux City to see Michelle Obama.  A Democrat friend here called and persuaded us to join her.  While standing in line, this reporter from FOX Network was interviewing people and since Cheryl, my friend, was wearing this spectacular T-shirt, I alerted the reporter and she definitely wanted to interview Cheryl and get a good look at her T-shirt.  As an aside I have known Cheryl for a long time because we used to swim together.  We also connected at an outdoor conference a few years ago.  It was fun to reconnect and to be able to share our similar political views.  It is not the ordinary to find people in this part of the country who share similar views.  She expresses her views quite well and they did have a spot for her on the broadcast.  Here is the link. 

This T-shirt has special meaning to our family too.  It is a play on "Rosie the Riveter," and my Aunt Rosemary, who is 97 and still living, was a "Rosie the Riveter."  They were very strong women so this symbolizes that Michelle Obama is a strong women, and I believe she is.  I greatly admire her and her husband.

Waiting for her to arrive.

She gave an excellent talk and, as usual, was her amazing self.

Swimming With Logan

When we went down to Omaha for Nicholas's Frankenstein  play, we invited Aly, Logan, and Robert to join us at our motel for a swim.  No problem.  Even though Logan was reluctant to do a lot, he did gain some courage as we had "fun" in the water.  Notice he is smiling most of the time.

Finally he got the courage to float around by himself.

Such a cutie pie or cutie fish.  It was so much fun!!!!!!  He not only "swims" around, but you have to explain everything around him.  He is the inquisitive type, but that's why he's so smart.