Saturday, March 19, 2011

Galliano Maximilian Marinelli Is Born

We didn't quite make it back to San Antonio for the birth of my great nephew, Galliano Maximilian Marinelli, my sister's, Susie's, first grandchild. He was born Mon. March 14, and we arrived Tues. March 15, but we went to the hospital as soon as we got to San Antonio.
They call him Max, but I try to call him G-Max. Whatever you call him, he is such a cute little boy as you will now see from the pictures.

With his great aunt.

With his Aunt Erin. He is wearing clothing representing her alma mater, Texas Tech.

His Grandma Susie has him now. Does she look proud and happy?
Now his Grandma JoAnne has him.
Such adoring looks for both grandmas.

Amy, the mom, looks pretty happy too.
A kiss for Max.
Sisters loving Max.AAAAAaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Time again with Aunt Erin.
Trying to kiss Max. Did she make it or not?
Aunt Erin and Grandpa Gary communicating with Max.

Aunt Erin and Grandpa Gary.
March 17, St. Patrick's Day, the day they all left the hospital to go home. Max is a Mc Cutie. Mommy and Daddy are pretty cute too.

Trying out the car seat to get ready for the car ride home.

Quality time with Grandma Susie.

Mom, Dad, and Max before they left the hospital.
Max looks like he's ready to go.

Mom checking with Max to see if he's ready.Wheeling on out.

Daddy putting Max in the car. He had been waiting out in the car patiently.

He looks like he'll make the car trip home just fine with Mom right next to him.
All set to go. Grandma Susie will be following close behind. Oh and so will Great Aunt Lucy.

Home in his own bed.
Their dog, Shiner, is very curious, and it's time for everyone to get acclimated to each other.

Max's cozy bed with his mobile which he watches earnestly.

Visit With Cari

Next, we traveled to Des Moines to visit with Bob's daughter, Cari. We had a nice time visiting, having good conversation, getting updated with the disasters in Japan, and enjoying meals together Sunday night and Monday morning. Dave was out of town so we didn't get to visit with him. Next time. It's always a pleasure to visit with Cari.

Visit With Stacy and Family and Brian, Bob's Kids

While we were up north, we had the opportunity to visit with some of Bob's kids, Stacy and her family and Brian. One day, after eating lunch, we all went bowling. It was a lot of fun. Bob, his daughter, Stacy and her husband, and his son, Brian, all competed with one another. Bob's grandsons, Dane and Drew, and I ended up competing with each other. Now you know what kind of bowler I am. Drew and I were especially competing with each other. He not only bowled fairly well (in my opinion), but he also had great mathematical sense for a 5 year old. If he could tell me the difference between his and my scores, I spotted him an extra 10 pins. It was impressive that he could do that. He also had a good concept of 1/2 of 10. Very impressive.

Here are Stacy, Dane, and Drew waiting for their turns.

Brian is waiting for his turn while Dane bowls.
Curt only had one pin left.

On the way to a spare?

A split for Dane. Does he look worried?

Stacy did get some strikes and spares. This was probably the beginning of one of her spares.
If this wasn't a strike, it should have been.
Watch Drew's bowling ball go down the center.
Good thing the pins are blocked.
Waiting for their turns again.

I'm sure Bob will get a spare.

Dane enjoyed playing some of the arcade games too.
Showing off one of his prizes.
Curt and Drew waiting for their turns.
Stacy and Curt hanging out.

Brian planning his strategy.
Sunday we went over to Stacy's, and she cooked a nice meal for us. As Bob visited with Stacy, Drew, Dane, and I built a crane with the Capsella Kit.

Good to the last bite.