Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ohio Relatives

We always enjoy visiting Aunt Ruth.  Ruth is Bob's mother's sister.  She lives in Sandusky and her view out her window is Lake Erie and the amusement park there, Cedar Point.  She likes to use her binoculars to watch people riding the huge roller coasters over there. 

Here are Marlin and Barb.  Barb is Bob's cousin on his father's side.

This is Bob with Rachel, Rebecca, and Rick Schultz with Rick's mother, Joyce.  They are some kind of cousins on his mom's side.  They invited us for supper to help celebrate Rachel's birthday.

Here is Bob with Richard and Winnie Sand, relatives on his mother's side.  Richard is 91.  Winnie is  a little younger.

Sand Reunion

Another main reason for going on our trip to Ohio was to attend the Sand Reunion.  Bob's mother was a Sand.  We accidentally found out about their Sand reunion a couple of years ago and were glad we did.  We wanted to go again and take Bob's Aunt Ruth, which we did.

Here is Bob with some of the guys.

Ron Sand and his wife.  We had a nice visit with them and made some neat connections.

 This is Aunt Ruth with Judy Sand Norris and her husband, Ron.

I remember Lucille (left) from our last reunion.  I pointed her out to Ruth.  Then Lucille came over and said she remembered me too.  It was quite emotional for Aunt Ruth to meet and visit with Lucille because she knew Ruth's parents and other relatives and she remembered Ruth when she was quite young.  I guess that's what's fun about reunions, reliving old times and remembering family.

Bucyrus High Alumni Sock Hop

One of the main reasons we went to Ohio was to attend a  Bucyrus High School Alumni Sock Hop.  We tried to dress the part. 

Bob hanging out with some of his high schools buddies.

 The sock hop was held in the gym of the school, which now is actually an elementary school. The disc jockey did a great job playing the oldies but goodies.

The one in the middle won the costume prize.  I used to wear a bow like that in my hair.  I really like the outfit of the one on the left, very colorful and true to the period.
People actually danced too.

Break time.  Notice  her saddle shoes.

 Bob entered the Limbo contest.  He did well, but he didn't win.

This is one way to do it, but it did disqualify him.

We also entered the hula hoop contest, the twist contest, and the dance contest.  I found out that I no longer know how to do the hula hoop, even though I do it well on the Wii.  I still know how to twist, but I didn't win.  But we did get a participation prize for the dance contest.

Some of the winners.

 The line up for the costume contest.  I actually got in as a possibility, but I didn't win.

Examples of the prizes they gave out.
 I had a nice visit with these people, Elaine and Will,  who live on Hilton Head.  Elaine does Ironman triathlons, and Will swims and is a pharmacist.  He also gave me some advice for our upcoming cruise.

This is Bill Elder who wrote The Bucyrus That Was.  Bob bought his book a while back, read it, and has shared it with other classmates.  Bill is also the one who organized and hosted the sock hop.  He and his wife live in Montgomery and are big Alabama fans like most of my family.

This is Bill's wife.  We had a nice visit too.

Guy Bagget, Bucyrus High Teacher

Bob went to school at  Bucyrus High and there was a teacher at Bucyrus High, Guy Bagget, who influenced Bob so he wanted to visit him in Akron.  We took him out to eat at Red Lobster, Guy's choice, where we enjoyed a nice meal and a nice visit.  It was Bob's birthday so I got the waitress to sing Happy Birthday to him.

Dayton's Air Force Museum and Neil Armstrong Museum

In Daytona, we stayed at a very nice motel at a great price.  That always makes traveling a little more fun.

We visited the Air Force Museum in Daytona at the recommendation of one of Bob's HS classmates.  It was amazing.  Here is a taste of some of what we saw.  Some of the pictures are dark so hopefully you can see them.  Bob was in charge of pictures, but I should have checked the settings.

From Daytona, we went to the Neil Armstrong Museum in a town north of Daytona.  We wanted to go because Neil Armstrong died recently so it was timely to go now.  The museum was smaller, but it was very meaningful and I appreciated reliving the time of the Apollo Missions.

Here are some pictures to show some of the displays.

The flag was half mast because it was Sept. 11.