Thursday, December 30, 2010

We're in Florida!

We arrived in Ormond Beach, FL on Dec. 20 and our first day we walked along the intercoastal waterway, or Halifax River. It wasn't the beach, but it was still very pretty. This river divides the main land of Ormond Beach from the barrier island part of Ormond Beach where Bob's sister, Charlene, lives and where we live while here.

This is the bridge we cross to go to Charlene's.

We often see sailboats on this river.

Here's one approaching the bridge.

Here it is after going under the bridge.

Here it is out from under the bridge.

There is a dock by the bridge and where we walk. These pelicans sit on the posts waiting for people who are fishing and cleaning their catch and to throw in the scraps.
Waiting calmly. No they're not SWANS.
More are gathering.

First one who gets it, is the winner.

That was fun. Now it's time to wait for the next snack.

Nearby is the library where we sometimes work on our computers.

The next day we did walk along the beach, ocean side. It was beautiful.

Bob, the beach bum.
He found a really neat starfish. He also found a really neat sand dollar. He gave the sand dollar away to some kids on the beach and we just left the starfish.
Although there's lots to do here we decided we wanted to join a health club about a 15 min. drive away. They gave us a pretty decent deal. This way we can use all their equipment, enjoy a nice view out the window where there's a pond, probably with some alligators in it, use their free WiFi, eat at their cafe, and swim in their indoor swim pool. It doesn't get much better than that. We'll still walk the beach when it warms up. Hopefully we'll stay in shape while we're here.

My favorite place in the club.
Here's Bob working out. Doesn't he have a great view? He wears his swim suit to work out then he's ready for swimming when he's done.
Now it's time for me to sign out and go work out. Hope everyone's staying warm and cozy.

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Wilburs, Bob's Friends

While Susie, Patsy, and I were driving to Lubbock together, Bob took a different course in order to meet up with some Iowa friends who live in Abilene, TX.

The following is written by Bob, his contribution to the blog.

Ken Wilbur, Bob's long time principal, is shaking hands with Bob. Bob fondly remembers Ken as a principal that gave Bob the freedom to teach. Ken helped to make teaching very enjoyable. Thank you, Ken, for your support and encouragement!

Brent Wilbur, Ken's son and one of Bob's first students is shaking hands with Bob. Bob remembers Brent as one of his fine students that helped him learn about teaching. Everyone learns in teaching - including the teacher. Since Brent was interested in football, Bob related the three R's to it. Babe Didrison was part of our reading; math stuff in statisitcs was related to coaching and ball playing; geometry was related to the quickiest way to get off a football field ; science was related to the sweet spot (center of mass) in a baseball bat, the gyroscopic technique to football passing for stability, and the spinning of the baseball (Bernoulli's Principle) to pitching; and writing so others and ourself can read it for scouting games were just a few adaptations. Thank you, Brent!

Erin's Pre Graduation

My sisters, Susie and Patsy, and I had a very nice, fun, exciting drive up to Lubbock for Erin's Graduation. When we got there we met at a chicken place and ate some lunch. No, it wasn't a Chik-Fil-a. After eating we went to the Buddy Holly Museum. Lubbock happens to be his birthplace. It was a very interesting museum. Brought back some rock and roll memories.

To start celebrating Erin's graduation we blind folded her while we decorated her new car with graduation decals. When we were finished we un blind folder her and she was so excited to see her new decals.

Hmm I guess you can't see this one, but it was there.


Erin requested a pedicure and who could resist a fun request like that?
My feet.
Do our feet look beautiful or what!!!!!!!
Breakfast in bed for the graduate and for her step sister, birthday girl, Amanda. Are those Mimosas? Yes. Another request.
A toast to Erin, the graduate, and to Amanda, the birthday girl.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Erin's Graduation from Texas Tech Dec., 2010

Another main reason we came to Texas before heading to Florida was because my niece, Erin, graduated from Texas Tech on Dec. 18. She and her parents were so glad this time had come. Erin worked hard to get to this point in her life and we all hope this will be the beginning of great things for her.

Doesn't she look happy?

Susie, the mom, looks ecstatic.

So Proud!!!

Go Texas Tech.

Proof of the diploma to be coming at the end of the month. Proof she has done all that is necessary to graduate!!!

Proud father.
The graduate and the proud parents.

The ceremony arena.

Mass Communications - Erin's major.

The ceremony.

The inspirational speaker from NASA. She had a very neat story with life lessons for all.

Campus pictures.

It was windy.

Christmas at Texas Tech too.

The seal of Texas Tech.
The graduate with her sister, Amy, and step sister, Amanda.
The graduate with her family.

The graduate with Aunt Lucy, and Aunt Patsy. The aunts are very proud too.

Is she throwing up her cap or is the wind blowing away her cap?
Mom and the graduate holding hands. AAhhhh!!!!

The stadium. There's always a stadium story.

Campus Security.