Monday, October 7, 2013

Logan's Birthday Visit

Logan's birthday was Sept. 30, but the birthday party was the first week in Oct.  I went down on Friday to spend some extra time with Logan, Robert, Aly, Mitzi, and Al.  Mitzi and I went to her gym where I swam and she did water aerobics.  It was great to swim in their lovely pool.  Then we went to Texas Road House for supper.

These two pictures of Logan and Robert just warm my heart.  They are such good buds.

Saturday morning I joined Logan and Aly for swimming lessons.  Logan is the boy in green swim trunks holding the pink and yellow noodles.  They have a male teacher and he was very good with these 5 year olds.  It was fun to watch him.

Logan is in the back being very cautious.

Now look for orange and green noodles.

Ready to jump.

Did it with help.

Brrrrr!!! Time to get dressed.

Then it was time for the bowling birthday party for the 5 year old.  It was fun to watch Logan and his friends bowl.  They each had their own style.

Putting on the shoes.

Logan got a happy birthday bowling pin for every one to sign. 

Logan won.

Notice the ball in the right gutter close to the pins in spite of the gutter guards.  HA HA!!! Logan is sooo talented.

Pizza for everyone.

Logan's new passion are blue whales and megaladons, the largest of all animals known to have been on Earth.  His birthday cake reflected that.

They turned off the overhead lights and turned on glowing in the dark lights.  It was fun to bowl in that lighting.

Logan and friends.

Presents, action figures mostly.

And a telescope.  Of course Logan went shopping later in the day to spend his birthday money.

Aaaahhhhhh!!!!  Friends are great to have.

At the end of a very successful bowling birthday party.

After the party, I should have taken pictures of Logan jumping on the trampoline to get rid of some of that sugar energy.

Sunday morning I met Robert and Logan at church.  Al sang at early church, Aly and Mitzi had to work, so it was just Robert and Logan and I.  This is Logan being very attentive during the children's sermon. 

After church we met Aly for lunch.  We had made plans to go to a pumpkin patch, but since it was raining, we decided to cancel that.  I guess they have that to look forward to.  Love that Logan smile.  Happy Birthday to an extraordinary 5 year old.