Monday, October 5, 2009

Surprise Visit with Chris and Mabel

The day before we left Ohio, Chris and her sister, Mabel, were traveling through Ohio to go to Maine to visit Donna, another one of their sisters. We couldn't resist meeting up since they were driving right by our motel just off of I-80. So we met for breakfast at McDonalds. It's the company that counts. What fun!!!!

Visit With Brian and Rachel

On our way home from Ohio we stopped in Waterloo to have lunch with Brian and to have supper and visit with Rachel, Reagan, and Drew. It was fun to visit with all of them. We had fun watching Reagan and Drew jump on the trampoline and play in the back yard. We were disappointed that we didn't get to visit with Craig. He was out of town doing some business.
I thought we took a picture of Brian, but we couldn't find it. Sorry. But here are some pictures of Rachel, Reagan, and Drew.

Dress Ups everyone?

Ohio Trip to See Bob's Family and for His 45th High School Reunion

In September Bob wanted to make a two week trip to Ohio to visit relatives, go to nostalgic places, visit childhood friends, and attend his 45th high school reunion. It was quite a successful trip.

First of all Bob wanted to go to Cedar Point which is an amusement park in Sandusky which has been rated number 1 in the world for the 11th year in a row. I can understand why because they had all kinds of killer roller coasters and a lot of them. Bob and I aren't really riders, but we did enjoy a few of them and accidentally rode a roller coaster that was a mistake for us (just a mild one.) They still had a couple of shows that we enjoyed, but many of the shows were over for the season. This was a nostalgic visit for Bob because he and his family visited the park many times. Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera to the park so no pictures. If you're interested go to their website:

We enjoyed several visits with his Aunt Ruth (Bob's mother's sister) who lives in Sandusky. The first day we drove to Lakeside and Marblehead which are tourist communities along Lake Erie. Luckily for us, since it was the off season, it wasn't so crowded and going there was not a major problem. We had lunch at a neat restaurant on Lake Erie and enjoyed the view while we ate. We could even see the nearby nuclear plant.

This is a lighthouse at Marblehead which is on Lake Erie.
The restaurant where we ate.

Skidoos in the foreground of where we ate, and if you look closely you can see the nuclear plant in the background.

On another trip with Aunt Ruth we visited Bucyrus to drive by familiar places and to visit the cemetary. We also discovered Carle's where we enjoyed meals there two different days. MMMmmm good!

Carle's restaurant area is in the back of this picture.
Excellent meat market at Carle's.

Another day we drove to Bucyrus and Nevada area where we enjoyed another meal at Carle's and visited Coon's Candy Store. Yes, we did buy candy. If you'd like go to their website:

We also searched for a cemetary that Aunt Ruth was looking for. We didn't find it, but we did find some relatives who invited us to a Sand (Bob's mother's side) Family Reunion the next day. We (Bob and I) did attend the reunion and made some more connections with some new found relatives. Afterwards we visited Aunt Ruth and Bob wrote down some of the family recipes from the recipe ledger. Maybe we'll do some cooking.

A couple of other days, Bob and I drove to Bucyrus and visited some of the Charleston relatives. We had two really nice visits with Bob's cousin, Barb, and her husband, Marlin, and their son, Mike, and his wife, Joyce. We visited at their house one evening. Then we joined them at Good Hope Lutheran Church where Bob's family attended when they lived there. We had another enjoyable visit at lunch. We also visited briefly with two other cousins on the Charleston side of the family.

Barb and Marlin

Mike and Joyce

Good Hope Lutheran Church

As I said before we did attend a Sand family reunion to make some connections with more long lost relatives. What a serendipity event. Aunt Ruth couldn't attend because she was attending the birthday party for a grandchild. Here are some relatives.Some long lost relatives on Bob's mother's side of the family. The one in pink, second from the right. was named Lucille so we had a nice visit. For more information talk to Bob. OK?
This isLarry (Buck) Sand with his wife and son. He's the one that we made contact with and found out about the reunion.

One of the main reasons we traveled to Ohio was for Bob's 45th high school reunion. They met at their old high school in the afternoon and toured the remodeled school which is now their elementary school. They did a nice job of combining old with the new. Bob met up with some of his high school friends then.

After the afternoon gathering Bob wanted to drive to see an old buddy of his that did not plan to attend the reunion. Off we went. We had a very nice visit with his shooting buddy from high school, Dan Beattie. Here they are.
That night was the banquet and main event for the reunion. Bob visited with many of his friends. Here are some of them.

One day we did take a tourist trip to Kelly's Island to do some bicycle riding. We took a 20 minute ferry ride to get there. It was a pretty cool and windy day so it was a little rough out on the water, but being outside and it only being a short ride made it an OK ride. Then we rode our bikes around the island and saw some interesting and some pretty sights of Lake Erie. Here are some pictures.

We also visited Thomas Edison's birthplace in Milan, OH. He was amazing. And I know that his labs, etc. and a lot of his work was done in New Jersey by where Nancy and Eric live. NOw we'll have to go visit there.