Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tim Rippey Show at the VFW

Upon Charlene's recommendation, we attended a very enjoyable event at a local VFW where this singer, Tim Rippey, performed. He was a great singer and sang a wide variety of great songs. He performed for 3 hours straight. I did notice he was chewing gum, probably to keep his mouth from drying out. We also enjoyed a nice dinner, and while he sang, we danced to his crooning. We had a great time.

Here is Tim who graciously came over so we could take a picture.

The dinner table.

The girls.

This was one of the ladies who sat with us at the same table. We all flipped out when we found out that she was 94 years old. She leads an exercise class at the VFW 3 times a week, and we heard that some of the participants can't keep up with her. She also got up and danced several times that night. She doesn't look a day older than 70, does she? She also was nicknamed as a "Rosie the Riveter" because she worked in the naval yards in New Jersey during the war even though she wasn't a true "Rosie theRiveter."

Belly Dancers at the Home Show

This week we went to a home show with Bob's sister, Charlene, and neighbor friend, Sandy. We visited several booths, Home Depot, energy efficient ones, home decorating, etc........ There was also entertainment. A Navy jazz band performed, and while we were eating, some cute little girls danced for us. They were from a local dance studio. Then when the belly dancers started performing, I thought, "Pictures." So the only pictures I have of the home show are the belly dancers, but they were the most colorful. They were students of the community ed program here.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Native American Cultural Event

Every year that we have been here they have held this Native American Cultural Event, but we've never gone so we decided to go this year. It was very interesting. They had booths where you could buy stuff, they had food, and they had entertainment.

At this stage they were talking about all the different kinds of Native Americans and how they lived. They had a little comedy routine that made it more fun too.

They shot off a musket.

Here are some Aztec dancers.

This one had just been on stage to help tell a story.
Telling stories.

Bob's favoritite event was the alligator/snake show. This guy handled 3 poisonous snakes, a cottonmouth, a rattlesnake, and a cobra. A few times it looked like he almost got bit, but of course that was part of the show. I wouldn't mess with them.

There was also a guy who wrestled this alligator. The gator was about the same size as the one at the fitness center. My advice - Don't try this at home.

Resting after the show.
We should have had these for lunch, but we didn't.

Bliss Party

In Ormond Beach, they publish a month magazine called Bliss. The magazine highlights what's going on and features different businesses in hopes that it will improve the economy of the businesses here. Also they sponsor a Bliss Party once a month. Establishments in the area host the parties and provide refreshments. There is also entertainment provided, mostly a DJ. In addition businesses donate gifts to give away to those attending. Charlene, our friend, Sandy, and Bob and I decided to attend this month's Bliss Party and it was at a pretty nice restaurant called "Frappes." We enjoyed their good food they provided free of charge (of course we did buy drinks.) Then Bob and I each won one of the prizes. I won some red rhinestone earrings, and Bob won a $15 gift certificate for Frappes Restaraunt. It's always fun to win I guess, but we enjoyed the food and the company.

Here we are, Lucy, Sandy, and Charlene.
Bob and sister, Charlene.

Lucy with her winning bag with the earrings inside.

Bob and Lucy showing off their winnings.

Alligator at the Fitness Center

You may recall that I showed the pictures of the exercise path around a pond at the fitness center where we go. Well the other day when I was walking around the path, this guy was there along the bank sunning himself. I decided if I left him alone, he'd leave me alone and that's what happened. I passed him 10 times and he only moved his head a little once so I didn't let him intimidate me. I'd say he was about 7 foot long and I wouldn't want to mess around with him if he was on the go. I got some advice from people about what to do if they start after you so I'm prepared.

The alligator from across the pond.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Whale Watching

The other day we stopped at a small grill that had a great view of the ocean. It was a bit chilly, but they had these neat gas fire places where you could sit and be warm. But the best part is, while we were there, we got to see whales passing by. There were quite a few of them too. We could watch them with or without binoculars. It was really fun.l

The Exercise Path at the Fitness Center

Some days, instead of riding the exercise bike and the elliptical, I opt to walk the fitness trail at the fitness center. It's very pretty and relaxing to walk. It is .4 mile around so a couple of times I've walked it 5 times which equals 2 miles. The other day I decided to walk around 10 times so that was 4 miles of enjoyable walking. It's a nice feature at the fitness center. They say probably there are alligators in the pond, but I haven't seen any.