Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Okoboji Visit With Vera, Chris, Pat, and Betsy

I have a friend, Vera, who has a place up at Okoboji Lake, and she invited me up sometime for a boating outing.  Since I was going to meet Chris, Pat, and Betsy there, I combined the visits.  I went up and spent a day with Vera, and we had a  nice boat ride and a great visit.  It was perfect weather, and all went quite well.  I took my convertible, and we tooled around in my convertible too. Pat joined Vera and me to watch the moon rise at the Barefoot Bar.   I guess I was having so much fun, I forgot to take any pictures.

Because Betsy was currently working in Spirit Lake, Pat suggested we get together for a mini vacation.  So Chris, Pat, Betsy, and I checked in at The Inn, a nice hotel on Lake Okoboji.   We tooled around in my convertible which is always fun and windy.   We had lunch at The Ritz, a nice outdoor restaurant with a view of the lake.  We were going to go beach hopping, but we decided to go back to the Inn and enjoy their lakeside views

After a nice relaxing time, we took a trip on the Queen II, a boat that tours the lake, and they narrate about the area.  We learned about the area and had a nice relaxing time.

Afterwards we ate at another lake side restaurant.  Then we relaxed at the Inn.

The next day was rainy so we had to go shopping.  I bought a couple of swan pins and some of my dishes that I had given up finding, but there they were at one of the shops we visited.  Now I know where I can buy more if I need to if they don't sell them.  Chris managed to buy 4 chairs and stuff them in her car.  Where there's a will there's a way.  Pat got a pretty, purple vase.  Betsy got a metal wagon wheel for a friend.  It was a successful shopping spree, more expensive than beach hopping though.

A picture of a dinner plate.  I got 4 place settings for $60.  It included 4 each of dinner plates, bread plates, cups and saucers, and bowls.  I think I got a good deal.

Metlox Vernon Antiqua 10-5/8

We had an early dinner at Dry Docks, and then we headed for a nearby beach to sit, relax, and enjoy the scenery as well as the sun set.  We didn't really swim because we were warned about swimmers' itch.  But we made the most of it.  Pat probably really wanted to swim in that water.  She and Betsy at least waded.

I took a lot of pictures of the sunset, but only put a few on here.

Does Pat look like she's enjoying herself?

From this beach, we went to the Barefoot Bar to watch the moon rise and to enjoy some more of each others' company.  Then we called it a day.

The next day we took walks, enjoyed the lakeside view, and got ready to leave.  Except Betsy who had to go back to work.  Chris had to leave early, but Pat and I stayed and ate a buffet brunch at the restaurant at the Inn.  Then I hopped into my convertible, and Pat in her car in search of a gift shop, but it was closed. We said our good-byes and headed our opposite ways.

I think we all decided to do this again.  It was a nice relaxing, fun time.

FCM (Fellowship of Christian Magicians) Convention for Christian Magicians

Bob and I attended a convention for Christian Magicians.  Bob has been interested in Gospel Magic and this was a great convention to get some more ideas, etc.  The convention was in Merriam, KS, a suburb of Kansas City.  It was on a Fri. evening and all day Sat. ending in a magic/clown show Sat. night.  I went to the sessions too and I was definitely entertained.

Here is a "clown" who does balloon sculptures.  I've done some of that, but it takes talent, and this guy has it.

This is a clown who specializes in preschool.  I really liked her costume and with how much fun she makes being a clown who dabbles in magic.  A lot of the clowns dabble in easy magic.

This is the schedule we followed at the convention.

At the beginning of the ending show, there was a musical group who entertained us.

One of the participants created this balloon hat for this child.

This was the lady in charge of the conference.  She had a cute partner.

This was the EmCee.  She was a silly clown and did a good job.

More clowns.

This is a story teller.  Why a story teller?  Magicians usually tell stories to make their magic tricks have a context so they need to know how to tell a story along with their tricks.

This guy is not only a magician, but also a ventriloquist.  He also does mission work, especially with Native Americans.  He was great.

This guy was a great magician, and he has done a lot of restaurant magic, but now he has a business.  He was very entertaining.

Some more clowns.

Clowns helping clowns.  The audio system wasn't working so the one on the floor held the mike for the one on stage.  As an in-between-the-acts filler, Bob did a skit with the clown holding the mike.  They had collaborated as the result of one of the sessions they both had attended.  Oops.  I didn't get any pictures of their skit.

Another great magician.

There were some friends from our home magic club so it was fun for them to be there too.  I just didn't get any pictures.  Bob came  home with lots of great ideas and some new tricks.

Visit With Dane and Brett

When we dropped off Reagan, we picked up Dane and Brett.  We didn't do too much on the way home, but they were both pooped from having spent the day at the Storm Lake waterpark with their Aunt Rachel.  They fell asleep in the car, but we were able to get them to bed when we got home.

Their main request was to visit the science center at the Washington Pavilion in Sioux Falls.  They had fond memories of it last year.  So that's what we did.

We went to a science presentation first.

Then they were off and running.

They really enjoy the athletic exhibit, but some of it was not available this year which was disappointing.  So they just enjoyed what was there.

Another favorite area was an exhibit where  you can create your own story short digital "film."

Another favorite memory in Sioux Falls was Falls Park where the boys had fun climbing the rocks.  Unfortunately, since some kids fell in the rushing water there last spring, we did not go there.  Safety is important.  So off we went to Le Mars to eat at Bob's and to visit the ice cream parlor.

Mmmm good!!!!!!  Worms anyone?  Gummy that is.

Our visit was way too short, but they needed to meet Stacy in Spencer for an outing with friends, and then later to go to football practice which was just starting.  When we got to Spencer, we did stop by the library. I have been visiting a woman at a care center here in town, and I am reading Dewey the Library Cat to her.   It's a story about an abandoned cat saved by the Spencer librarian.  I thought I could take some pictures to share with this lady so that's what I did.

We met up with Stacy and Jenna Joy and said good bye.  

What to do next?  We were close to Okoboji so we decided to drive  on up.  We had lunch at the Dry Dock overlooking the lake, and then we rented a boat for a couple of hours and enjoyed the lake.  It would  have been nice to have shared this with the boys.  Maybe another year.  Our visit was fun, and we're ready for more any time.