Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Visiting with Bob's Children and Families

We wanted to visit Bob's kids and their families before we headed out west for the month of June so we made an Iowa trek.

We started by going to Bob's grandsons', Dane's and Brett's, field day at school. It turned out to be a beautiful day, and the boys did quite well. It was fun to watch them.

Here are pictures of Brett. He was in kindergarten.

The long jump.

Brett was #1 and I think he won this heat.
A running event.
The frisbee throw.

The treat after all the work.

Here are pictures of Dane. He was in 2nd grade.

The long jump.
Waiting for his turn.
The frisbee throw.

The long jump.
Running event.

The treat to cool him off.

Later, for dinner, we met Bob's daughter, Stacy, and her husband, Curt, along with the boys.

Stacy and Curt.
The next morning, before we left, we visited Stacy at Iowa Central Community College in Ft. Dodge where she teaches accounting.

Then we drove down to Des Moines to visit Bob's oldest daughter, Cari, and her husband Dave. Cari, Bob, and I went shopping at Goodwills and Salvation Armies because Cari likes to buy good deals and then sell it on EBay. She made some pretty good buys.

Later we went to Valley Junction, a area with quaint shops and restaurants. This evening they were beginning their summer Thurs. evening festival (even though it was Tues.) There was food, artsy stuff, and entertainment.
Dave and Cari.

Then we headed up to Waterloo to visit Rachel and her two kids, Reagan and Drew. We met them for dinner before they had to go to dance practice. It was fun to see them even though it was only for a short time. Here they are being wild and crazy.

Later that night we met up with Bob's son, Brian. He also had a busy schedule, but he let us visit while he ate before he went to the midnight opening showing of Hangover 2. Unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures. Oh well. Next time.

Chrissy's Graduation

One of my best friend's, Gina's, daughter, Chrissy graduated this year too so we were off to Humboldt, SD for her graduation. It was a very nice occasion. Her school was West Central and their colors were blue and white with some gold in there too.

Here she is getting her diploma.
Does she look happy?

Beside her are her parents, Gina and Chuck. Also pictured are her Aunt Marianne and her Uncle Mike.
Gina's cousin, Peggy, is joining them now.
Here is the graduate and her proud parents.
Here are Aunt Marianne and her husband, Tom, along with Aunt Marilyn.
Here she is with her Aunt Marilyn and her husband, Mike.
Here she is with me.
This is where the graduation party was.
Here is Chrissy at here memory table. Gina made the memory quilt for her which is in the background.

For those of you who know what Destination Imagination is, Chrissy has participated in it for many years and has earned some recognition along the way. It is a problem solving competition that is an international organization.

More important memorabilia.

Here are closeups of the quilt squares.

The food set up.
The decor which is so appropriate for Chrissy since she likes to go hunting with her father.
Blowing bubbles with her second cousin, Makayla (sp?)
Visiting among some of the relatives and friends.
Chuck's side of the family.
Sister, Katie, having fun visiting.