Friday, July 20, 2012

Family Time in Las Vegas

As originally planned, my sister, Susie, and I joined Gary and Rosemary in Las Vegas along with Heather and the kids and with Cassie, Mike, and the kids.  Melissa, Chris, and their kids had opted for a vacation at Disneyland followed by a trip to Denver so they hadn't planned to join us in Las Vegas.

Here are cousins, Nicolas, Garrison, and Naddie having a little fun in the room.

 Jacob looks happy.

We had to put some ice on Isaac's itchy foot to keep it from itching too much.

Cousins, Isaac, Jacob, Nicolas, and Garrison being wild and crazy.

Mike and Wyatt provided for some calming times,  rare, but they did exist.

Papa with Garrison who is trying to adjust to the new hotel environment.
 Kimbo, Isaac, and Naddie enjoying the gardens of the Bellagio.

Nicolas and Rachel joined them.
 OH, yea, Jacob decided to join them too.

We ventured out to the M & M store where we had lots of fun.  Just ask Susie.  Notice her beautiful outfit provided by Lucy & Sisters designs.

We got a great deal for buying the "M" pillow for Max.  Now Max is learning the "M" and its sound. It is his sound, you know.

Are we having fun yet?  It may not look like it here, but we were.

We are here.  Ask Garrison, Isaac, and Naddie.
 And Rachel.

And Jacob and Kimbo.

Mist fans were a great way to get cooled off because it was HOT!!!  Does it look like it was fun too?

Heather, Garrison, Rachel, Kimbo, and Naddie at the  Bellagio waiting for the water show.

 Cassie with Wyatt, Isaac, Jacob, and Naddie.

 Papa got into the picture too.

Family Group Picture.  They may not look it, but I think tired is a good description.

 The next day was the 4th of July, and we celebrated by going to the movie theater to see Madagascar III.  It was a great movie, and everyone loved it.  Since Kimbo and Isaac are fans of Diary of a Whimpy Kid series, we couldn't resist this picture which was at the movie theater.

 This is what we looked like when we marched through the parking lot, or through the streets of Las Vegas.  The only thing missing was Rosemary in front holding up her hand for all to see.  We followed her like her ducklings.

After the movie we went to the Bass Pro Shop. We couldn't resist this picture of Heather and Garrison and Heather's Garrison-assigned giraffe.  Garrison assigns animals to people and his mother is a giraffe.

Precious Rachel.

Cutie pie Naddie.
 Amazing Heather.

Fun loving Kimbo.
 Elated Nicolas.

Close by was a small aquarium.  It was relaxing to see all the sea creatures.

Some people found other ways to relax.

 Rachel with her new painting.

More Bass Pro Shop pictures.

 Back to the aquarium

4th of July Pool Party.  One of Heather's nephews who lives in Las Vegas came for a visit with his wife.  Kentucky Fried Chicken is always a great meal for Independence Day.

Notice Susie's 4th of July shirt.   Another Lucy & Sisters design.

We all gathered in our rooms on our side of the hotel to get great views of the fireworks.  You could see them from the far left of the horizon to the far right of the horizon, and we watched for almost an hour.  Then it was time for adult game night playing the 9 cards game.  We played the same game the last night after all the kids went to bed and Heather and Cassie got home from their Las Vegas outing.

Gary's and  Rosemary's card shuffler.

 Cherubs trying to sleep while we played.

 Clean up time the next morning.

Mike, the breakfast cook.  He cooked great food.  He did not cooperate with picture taking though.

 Take a look at Susie's and my room adjoined with Gary's and Rosemary's.  Gary and Rosemary, thanks for the great room and time we had there.

The view from our window.

Gary's and Rosemary's side.

The last day we went to Circus Circus and enjoyed the Adventure Dome, an indoor amusement park.

Naddie riding the zebra which is Garrison's assigned animal for himself.

Getting ready to ride the roller coaster.  He loved it.

Kimbo thinking, "Do I really want to do this?"  "Yes, Yes, Yes, a thousand times, Yes!!!!"

They said this was their favorite ride.

After a full day of amusement park, a small rest, and with some spaghetti in their bellies, it was time to swim again.

The whole trip was a "SPLASH!!!"

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PerkyPatsy said...

Looks like y'all had a great time. Some things I never do in Vegas.