Thursday, July 19, 2012

Portland Visit for James's and Anna's Eternity Party

As  previously planned, my sisters and I traveled to Portland, OR to celebrate James's and Anna's commitment to one another which they did earlier.  Then they planned their Eternity Party, and we all decided to go.  James is my sister's, Nancy's, son.

I arrived first, and James picked me up at the party.  Before taking me to our vacation rental house, James took me to the store so I could get the things that my sisters requested to be there for them when they arrived.  Like a dutiful sister, I complied.  Thanks to James.  Here's the spread I had ready for them with some extras.  You can also see the house where we spent our time while in Portland.  It turned out to be a wonderful and accommodating place to stay.

In the same house, there were two units and we rented both.  This is the other side and the upstairs unit.

The front porch was especially nice for visiting, or finding some alone time.

There was even a nice deck with a grill.   We entertained out here one night.

Our first day we explored Mississippi Ave. which has funky stores to enjoy.

There was a food truck food court.  I guess food trucks are becoming quite popular around the states.

Nancy tries to get us back together.

We all shared in the expense of having this van.  We used a combination of  transportation, this van being one of the ways.

When we got home we got ready for and enjoyed our "Portland Friends" party.  Kathy has some friends she worked with in Alabama many years ago.  They arrived first.  Then Patsy has a friend who she met during her  internship days.  I have friends whom I knew in Boone and who live in Corvallis, and they drove up to Portland for a visit.  Patsy had another friend visit, and she had known him when they both lived in England many  years ago.  We (Nancy and Susie) did grilling on the outside patio, and we visited in a variety of places.  James, Anna, and Anna's parents (I think) also joined us.  It was a great night.  It was so great that I totally forgot to take any pictures. 

The second day, we used the MAX light train system that was marvelous and inexpensive.  In fact in some areas, downtown, it is free.

We came to explore the Pearl District, which ended up not being what we expected, but being together was still and always will be fun

One of the attractions is Voo Doo Doughnut Shop pictured in the background.  They sell unique doughnuts.  Since there was always a line there, we decided not to wait.  Oh well.

When it was time to eat there was a city block park with food trucks lining the perimeter.  So we indulged.  I chose this Greek place and had stuffed grape leaves with yogurt sauce.  MMMm  good.

Some of us decided to indulge with grilled cheese sandwiches, but I heard they were really good. 

This is the Union Train Station, which is an historical site.

It isn't Le Mars, but we still decided to take an ice cream break.  It was so refreshing.

We ended up at a mall where they had, of all things, an ice rink.  We met Eric there so we could take him to the house after a long trip from Cleveland.

Eric, who had an overnight delay in traveling because of failed runway lights at Midway Airport in Chicago, finally met up with  us.  He took the MAX Rail from the airport to the mall to meet us. He doesn't look too bad for having not gotten any sleep for over 24 years.  What a trooper.  

That night we met Anna's parents, Anna, and James at a small restaurant where Anna performed with her group.  Here are James and Anna's mother, Elaine.

Sisters enjoying themselves.  Believe it or not, it's water.
Anna with her dad, Max.

Nancy and Eric. I think Eric is starting to feel his lack of sleep.  He was also coming down with something which didn't help.

This is the first group playing.  It was a little loud which interfered with our enjoyment of the group.  We tried to enjoy it as best we could.

But we were so happy when it was time for Anna to perform.  She is very talented and we really enjoyed her music.

Saturday morning we took the MAX train to the Saturday Market which is a really cool place to go.

Susie and Patsy decided to get free hugs.

The drummer on the street.

The line at the Voo Doo Doughnut Shop was still too long, but we walked in just to take a picture.

Then we went to the Japanese Gardens. It was pretty, but we had to seek shelter from rain in the tea house.

Don't ask.

At the tea house, Eric decided to have the ceremony tea.  It was interesting to see how they served it.

This is a bag that Susie bought at the Saturday Market.  Susie came to Portland directly from Ft. Worth.  She only had one bag and no carry on.   She came without all her stuff for the trip, so she had to borrow clothes, buy some clothes, and this bag was going to be her carry on bag  I think.  She did quite well for not having all her own stuff.  I guess you can do OK when you have to.

Saturday night was Nancy's "Meet and Greet" party.  She treated all the family members who came for the Eternity Party.  We had delicious Thai food.  I think everyone enjoyed it and enjoyed each others' company.

Here are  Anna with her parents beside her.

Who needs fancy china or silver?

James's dad and his wife in the back center.

Anna's sister and her daughter with her partner.

Anna with her dad and her sister.

We sisters with Anna's mom.

James's dad and his wife.

Eric's sister, Anna's niece and partner.

Eric and James with Eric's parents, Carol Ann and Barry.

Eric's nephews enjoying themselves upstairs watching TV.

Patsy with Eric's brother and  his partner.

The Eternity Party.  Notice all the decorations, etc. which James and Anna got at the Dollar Store so whatever they had is what they used.  It was really quite cute and tastefully done.  And notice the delicious Mexican food, and it was delicious.

Eric's family table.

The sisters table.

Action shots.

The band.

James's dad and wife.

Anna's girls whom she nannied and who gave a little ceremony in honor of James and Anna.

Cooling off.

There was some dancing.

In keeping with the traditonal theme of the party, James's dad was taking pictures with an old fashioned, non digital, camera that actually uses film.  I'm sure the pictures turned out great.

More dancing.

Anna decided to do some fiddling of her own.

Kazoos work too.

The party's over, and it's time to start to clean up.  But you can always put off tonight what you can do tomorrow.  Right?  We chipped in as much as possible, but they went back in the morning to finish the job.  Thank you, James and Anna, for giving us a great excuse for getting together and for such a joyous occasion.  We hope your eternity party gives you eternal happiness together.

We adopted Elaine, Anna's mom, as another sister.

The last pictures are of Anna's lovely hairdo which lasted all night.  Beautiful!!!!

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